7 Aldi health finds coming to stores in February

7 Aldi health finds coming to stores in February

Are you ready for the latest sneak peek at Aldi? They just shared the new products coming out in February and we’re very excited about some of them! Not only will it make your life and mealtimes a little easier, but it’s also very healthy. From soups and pizzas to dips and containers, here are our top picks from Aldi’s February finds.

Simply Nature Organic Coconut Flour

When you think about gluten-free cooking, coconut flour may not be top of mind. But when this tropical fruit is ground into flour, it adds a mild, nutty flavor to your recipes. Despite its name, coconut flour is nut-free. It’s also gluten-free and provides 10 grams of beneficial fiber for your gut in just a quarter cup. Although coconut flour cannot be replaced equally with wheat flour 1-for-1 (such as almond flour), you can replace some of the wheat flour or gluten-free flour in your recipe with coconut flour. Just be prepared to add a little extra liquid, because coconut flour absorbs more water. Coconut flour works great in baked goods like pancakes or as a substitute for breadcrumbs in recipes like coconut shrimp. This find is on sale starting February 7th for $5.99.

Specially selected authentic Italian pizza

We love the convenience of frozen pizza, especially on busy weeknights when there’s no solid dinner plan. There are two specially selected pizzas in Aldi’s freezers this month: mushroom and mascarpone, authentic Italian cheese and mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and watercress. Bake this pizza and serve with a green salad and vinaigrette for a complete meal (the lemon-citrus vinaigrette is one of my favorites!). You can get this deal starting February 21 for just $4.99 per pizza.

Potato Gnocchi Praiano

There’s something about soft potato gnocchi—especially when they’re floating in a luxurious soup or topped with a delicious pesto sauce. Priano recommends serving gnocchi with tomato sauce and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. And while you may be used to just boiling gnocchi, roasting them in the oven with vegetables adds a new depth of flavor and a crunchy crunch that will make you want to roast them from now on. This item is available starting February 21st for $1.99.

Park Street Daily Herb Debs

Whether you’re looking for something to dip your crunchy bites into or something to switch up your sandwiches, Dip is the place to be. And you can’t beat a creamy herb dip, which is what you’ll get with all of Park Street Deli’s dips. The Herbs de Provence dip has a Neufchâtel cheese base mixed with Herbs de Provence. Not familiar with herbs de Provence? It is a mixture of dried herbs and is essential in French and Mediterranean cooking. Although the herbs in it can vary, it typically contains – and at a minimum – rosemary, fennel, tarragon, thyme and marjoram. May also contain lavender flowers, mint, parsley, oregano, bay leaves, savory, basil, and sage. Another standout at Park Street Deli is Garlic Rosemary. Its base is Neufchatel cheese and sour cream mixed with herbs including garlic and rosemary. Both drops are available starting February 21 and cost $3.39 each.

Specially selected gourmet soups

A bowl of steaming soup on a cold winter night? Yes please! Aldi’s soups bring to the lineup an extra spicy warmth from curry and ginger. Both this creamy curry soup and the Thai coconut and ginger soup will be equally delicious with cooked chicken or shrimp added to them for extra protein. Serve with a slice of warm, crusty bread and a side salad for a filling winter meal. Both soups are available starting February 28 and cost $3.89 each.

Crofton bamboo steamer

Steaming your food is a healthy way to cook it without losing many of the vitamins and minerals in the water, as is the case with boiling or boiling. Instead of sitting in the water, the steamer allows the food to sit on top of it. This simple Crofton Bamboo Steamer makes steaming easy – and very affordable. So you get this deal, you can still steam your food using a colander or cooling rack inside the pot. All types of food can be steamed, from seafood and chicken to eggs and vegetables. You can hit Aldi on February 7 to get this steamer for just $6.99.

Crofton Airtight Containers 3 Piece

You know we’re all about meal prepping here, so when we saw these adorable airtight containers from Crofton, we had to add them to our list. These earth-toned containers fit into any kitchen color scheme. It has a clean, modern look and a clear band near the top so you can see what’s inside. They come as a set of three, so you’ll have one of each color. Get them before they’re gone, starting February 21 for $9.99 per set.

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