7 games with the best artificial intelligence

7 games with the best artificial intelligence

No, not shodan or gladus. I mean the other kind. Magical formulas of raw computer nonsense running under the hood of your favorite game and having enemies surround you, or friendly NPCs tossing a healthy pool in time. Good AI is not an unbeatable genius. He is cleverly dumb. He is surprisingly intelligent and capable of wonderful negligence. It can remind us of ourselves. Quick-witted on a good day, utterly stupid on a bad day. Here is a list of the 7 best AI games in PC games.

Molly – Deep Rock Galactic

Exploration is artificial intelligence. When you turn around in a third person shooter and can’t see the jabroni you’re supposed to accompany to the helicopter, that’s bad AI. When you plant a beacon in Deep Rock Galactic and Molly, the leather robot mule in which you deposit all your gems, comes through a small gap in the ceiling and walks quietly on a cave wall full of hostile insects, that’s a good AI. This machine cash conveyor has never let me down. He is so obedient and meticulous that the only way you can fail is if a fellow miner invalidates your directives. At this point, the only solution is a bullet. Molly was not shot.

Director – Left 4 Dead

Hunter in the original Left 4 Dead

The director of Left 4 Dead is a much-cited example of massive AI. It decides when to send a horde of zombies to players, where difficult encounters spawn, when to calm down and gives players time to recover with ammo and health packs. Honestly, I still don’t know what makes this machine work. For all I know it could be flipping a coin every three minutes and sending a mob over heads and witches down a narrow lane on Tails. This is part of the joy of artificial intelligence. You never know. It is a computer magician confidence trick. But if he looks smart, he’s smart.

Russian Soldiers – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

A soldier falls in love with a sexy carton box lady in Metal Gear Solid 5

Soldiers patrolling Afghanistan and the Angola-Zaire border are a good example of stupidity – even they are not – artificial intelligence. They will see a cut out of the cardboard of a model installed in the desert and think: “Oh, my God, beautiful woman!” This makes you feel superior as you squeeze another neck. But they will also learn from your tactics over time. Shoot a lot of these duybeans in the head and they’re going to start wearing helmets. Gas them and start wearing gas masks. Always visit at night and you will notice more soldiers wearing night vision goggles. The result is an impressive adaptation and escalation of sprint efficiency. You still wouldn’t stop them from ballooning into the sky with their belt strap, brains.

Kaiju – In Breach

Mechs battle bugs in screenshot Into The Breach.

If you’ve ever won a game of chess against a computer, sorry, but the computer lets you win. You can actually feel this happen in low difficulty chess apps, when the AI ​​makes a huge mistake. It may also give an undisguised “ha ha, oops” expression in a chat. Into The Breach has no such feeling. The AI ​​kaiju moves as it does in place. Smarter. They don’t manipulate. The only advantage you have is knowing what they are going to do next. This allows us human players to view our problem-solving slides without hampering the intelligence of the AI. It turns humans into natural defenders and robots into natural Turks. Do you look at that, in a hard-bust chess.

Xenomorph – alien isolation

xenomorph stalking towards the camera in Alien Isolation

Another critically acclaimed work of AI programming and another example of clever balancing.. the fearsome silver-headed alien monster is faithfully presented through a horrible corridor that creeps and spreads. Roll around the Sevastopol space station making noise and Big Boy will appear for dinner. But you can cover up and hide in lockers to get rid of the wits of a huge employer. A good horror lets you take a break. Which is why, under the hood, the game measures how scared you are at any given moment. At one point, Xenodork decides “Okay, that’s enough to fool now lol” and disappears back into the slots. Thanks, my God, it’s back, move it.

Pawns – Reemworld

Top to bottom colony at Rimworld

The survivors of the RimWorld crash are a special case, since you can tamper with their intelligence in very specific ways. It’s a kind of do-it-yourself AI that lets you tinker with its priorities. Should they give up everything to, say, put out a fire, or should they collect wood and animal skins without stopping without question? After checking the boxes and defining the roles, everything in the camp should run smoothly and without incident. But it doesn’t. Some characters flatly refuse to do certain jobs. Others will bounce off space drugs, or get into a fight with their roommate for the third day in a row. Many of the other AI systems on this list are structured machines. By contrast, RimWorld’s pawns are chaotic, proving that unpredictability can be as entertaining as wit.

Guards – Hitman

Ian Hitman pushes a guard over a ledge in Hitman 3

The AI ​​of a good enemy is smart enough to surprise you with an accurate grenade projectile or a suspicious investigation in a closet with footprints leading up to it. But you also have to maintain reasonable myopia, so we feel smart too. This is the bottom line I explain here. Oh God, did you even hear? This is also the reason why the guards, security personnel, waiters, hotel receptionists, and every other kind of dly-dallier in the Hitman series get the AI’s five star rating. They will come into a room to investigate a weapon that has fallen to the ground, but they will take a gold ingot to their face like a hero. They will recognize you as suspicious while standing at the bar, but lose you on the crowded dance floor. They will deploy an elite unit of assassins to guard them 24/7, but then drive out the said guards to get a tattoo by a stranger they’ve never met before. I love these smart idiots.

One Off The List of… Best Games to Play with Notepad

Evening in Stardew Valley screenshot.

Last time we wrote some thoughts on the 9 best PC games to play with Notepad. But one of these was an indecipherable set of spidery handwriting and had to be discarded. that it… Stardu Valley.

“Take the list off,” says farmworker Dorgendorf, with brutal firmness. “I didn’t take a single note and had no trouble marrying a hippie that blew up my social life, thank you very much.”

Let it be. Remember to argue to get rid of one of our AI systems. And to give some examples of artificial intelligence I missed. I already know that someone writes the letters F, E, A and R in a rage. You have it, my friend. I have nothing to hide. See you all next time!

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