Al-Safir Al-Sahrawi: Algeria has always been a supporter of all issues of liberation in the world

Al-Safir Al-Sahrawi: Algeria has always been a supporter of all issues of liberation in the world

The Sahrawi ambassador to Algeria, Abdelkader Taleb Omar, said that Algeria has always been a supporter of all liberation issues in the world and a defender of just causes, including the Sahrawi cause.
The Sahrawi ambassador saluted on the waves of the second radio channel today, Tuesday, Algeria’s efforts in this regard, which made the Palestinian cause a title for the Arab summit held on its territory.
Speaking about the reality of the Sahrawi issue, Taleb Omar affirmed that the Moroccan regime is the party obstructing the organization of a referendum for self-determination of the Sahrawi people, calling on the United Nations to take action in this regard.
The Sahrawi ambassador highlighted the preconditions that the Moroccan regime imposes on the referendum, which is the entry into negotiations at a round table attended by all parties, not just the parties to the conflict, with a specific agenda linked to the plan proposed by the Moroccan regime, in addition to its practices and continuous repression, targeting and killing of civilians. Sahrawis and even neighboring ones.
And the guest of Channel 2 added that “all of this does not contribute to creating any atmosphere for conducting negotiations that could bear fruit in a certain outcome.”
The Sahrawi ambassador called on the United Nations to play its role and adhere to the implementation of the plan signed since 1991, which has passed for three (3) decades, and none of its decisions have been implemented. And the return of the armed struggle.
The most important thing – says the speaker – is that the international public opinion be informed of everything that is happening in the occupied desert lands because the Moroccan regime does not want that, praising in this regard the struggle of the Saharawi people to inform these facts.
Regarding the recent UN resolution 2654 on the issue of Western Sahara, the Sahrawi ambassador affirmed that it did not bring anything new, and the evidence is the return of the region to war again after a period of armistice, in addition to the recording of many violations by the Moroccan regime, and all of these matters were not taken into consideration.

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