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There was a big turnaround in the fourth quarter of last year, with sales volume up by 5.7% (compared to the fourth quarter of 2022)

The American Lamb Board (ALB) is a national promotion, research and information program working on behalf of all American producers (commercial and seed stock), feeders, direct marketers and processors to build demand for American Lamb. (courtesy photo)

DENVER, Colo. — The American Lamb Board (ALB) partners with key organizations to provide lamb producers with current market information for lamb producers. The American Sheep Industry Association’s monthly report, a product of this collaboration, highlights lamb supplies, trends, prices and more. Additionally, ALB’s partnership with Midan Marketing, a meat marketing agency, has led to the development of quarterly lamb sales reports based on a comprehensive analysis of retail scanner data. These reports are valuable for tracking lamb market and sales trends, ensuring lamb producers are well informed and supported.

The Meydan Retail Sales Report, a reliable source of market insights, includes sales by segment and region. Retail scanner data, which covers approximately 85% of total US retail sales, provides a comprehensive view of the market. Load data is for all load sales, including imports. Data has recently been added to show specific US lamb sales, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of the insights presented.

ALB has identified retailers known to sell US lamb, and Meedan now reports their sales as aggregated information to get a snapshot of US lamb sales. Although it is not a complete data set of all of American Lamb’s retail sales, it does include the two largest retail accounts.

The Q4 2023 retail report shows that lamb volume sales were trending below 2022 levels for most of the year. However, A There was a big turnaround in the fourth quarter of last year, with sales volume up 5.7%. (Compared to the fourth quarter of 2022). This is primarily due to increased holiday sales. The study found that Americans bought more pounds of lamb for Thanksgiving last year, and Christmas purchases were on track with 2022 sales.

The study also brings promising news, revealing significant growth in the sale of ground lamb. Although total lamb volume was down 2.1% in 2023 compared to 2022, sales in dollars Ground lamb grew by 3.9% last year, and sales volume rose by 8.4% during the same period.

“Although these reports highlight challenges and successes across the industry, there is much to be encouraged about,” says Jeff Ebert, ALB President. “Despite the overall decline in sales, it’s encouraging to see younger consumers choosing American Lamb. What’s even more encouraging for me is that they’re not only choosing lamb for holiday celebrations, they’re also looking for ground lamb for easy weeknight dinner options.”

To better understand the lamb market and sales information, request complete reports from the American Lamb Board. These reports can be obtained by emailing or visiting

the American Pregnancy Council (ALB) is a national promotion, research, and information program working on behalf of all U.S. producers (commercial and seed stock), feeders, direct marketers, and processors to build demand for American lamb. Funding is through mandatory assessments paid for by all industry sectors. The 13-member Board of Directors represents all industry sectors, geographies and production volumes. ALB’s work is overseen by the USDA and supported by staff in Denver, Colorado. Nearly two-thirds of the annual budget funds American pregnancy promotion programs. For more information, contact ALB at:,, or 303-759-3001.

– American Pregnancy Council

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