Alcohol, mobile devices and traffic accidents – Media Line

Alcohol, mobile devices and traffic accidents - Media Line

Al-Qabas, Kuwait, May 29

I recently came across a journal article describing a fascinating scientific research study conducted in 2006. As part of this experiment, 40 individuals were selected to test their driving skills on a computer simulator that simulates real driving conditions. The subjects were divided into four treatment groups, as follows: The first group was not exposed to any external stimuli. The second group was allowed to use a handheld device; The third group was allowed to use a portable device based on the loudspeaker (without carrying it); And the fourth group drank alcoholic beverages above the permitted level for driving the vehicle. At the conclusion of the experiment, the researchers examined the group that was involved in the greatest number of accidents. Like many other readers, I expected the highest number of accidents and traffic violations by the group who were under the influence. However, the results were contradictory. The two groups with the highest number of accidents were the groups that allowed drivers to use their mobile phones – whether they were holding the device in their hand or simply using their loudspeaker. In fact, the number of accidents caused by phone users was five times higher than those caused by those who drive without any distraction. This led me to do my own research to try to understand the main causes of car accidents today. I soon discovered that most studies unanimously indicate that the vast majority of traffic accidents and violations occur as a result of four main factors: lack of driving experience, mobile phone use, speeding, and driving under the influence. In light of these facts that everyone knows, we call on the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh, to tighten enforcement of the use of the phone in cars, and the use of traffic cameras that capture this. Violations with high accuracy. Our media should also raise awareness of this issue and warn against using the phone while the vehicle is in operation. The Ministry of Education should devote great efforts to teaching this subject in schools. Unfortunately, our authorities seem to care only about discouraging the consumption of alcohol among young people. If drinking was the main cause of traffic accidents in our country, the streets would be full of political ads, banners and radio ads funded by religious parties. But when it comes to using cell phones, we hear nothing of it. It’s time to change that. – Ahmed Al-Sarraf (translated by Assaf Zilberfarb)

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