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Al-Asimah: seizing 11 tons of sugar to be used as a substitute for a chemical additive to concrete – Al-Houwar Al-Jazairia

The elements of the Environmental Protection Division of the National Gendarmerie in Algiers managed to seize a significant amount of subsidized sugar. The operation came within the framework of the general control of the region and in order to combat the phenomenon of speculation in commodities with wide consumption and consumer protection.

The squad also received confirmed information that a company specializing in the industrial production of concrete products, whose owners are acquiring and storing fortified sugar. And using it as an alternative to a chemical substance in the manufacture of additives on concrete.

After completing the legal procedures and notifying the regional representative of the republic, and in coordination with the trade agents of the state of Algeria, the company was raided. Where 11,250 kg of sugar and 34,000 liters of concrete additive made of sugar were seized and seized. With the arrest of four people involved in the case.

After taking the necessary measures, those concerned will be brought before the competent judicial authorities for the misdemeanor of illegal speculation, including stockpiling highly demanded materials to cause scarcity in the market. Carrying out commercial transactions outside the Sharia circles, diverting goods from their privileged nature, cheating by any means (formula), non-conformity of product labeling.

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