Oppo AirVOOC 50W Wireless Flash Charger test

    Wireless charging speeds aren’t what they used to be. Back in 2009, the Palm Pre gave us our first expirience with wireless charging via a proprietary Touch Stone charger and a special back cover. Soon after the Qi wireless industry standard emerged, though charging speeds topped out at just 5W and later expanded to 10W and eventually 15W.

    There are faster alternatives like Oppo’s AirVOOC 50W Wireless Flash Charger which we have here today for a test. As the name implies this wireless charger supports up to 50W speeds for select Oppo and OnePlus devices. We’ve already tested vivo’s 50W Wireless Flash Charger a while back which managed to fill up the vivo X80 Pro from 0-100% in 58 minutes and we are now trying out Oppo’s 50W wireless charger alongside the Oppo Find X5 Pro which is one of the few supported devices that can charge wirelessly at 50W speeds.

    Oppo claims a 0-50% charge will take just 22 minutes and a full charge should complete in 47 minutes – 7 more than it did with the 80W SuperVOOC wired charging adapter that comes bundled with the phone. We put those claims to the test and these are our findings.

    Before you get to wirelessly charge at 50W speeds, you’ll need a 65W PD charger (or higher) plugged into the AirVOOC 50W Wireless Flash charger to achieve the advertised speeds. Luckily our Oppo Find X5 Pro comes bundled with an 80W SuperVOOC power adapter (20V / 4A) and the required USB-A to USB-C cable. For reference, the Find X5 Pro managed a 0-40% charge in 12 minutes and a complete 0-100% in exactly 40 minutes with its in-box 80W charger.

    The 50W AirVOOC wireless charger can also dynamically adjust charging output based on the device that it’s charging so you can also charge an iPhone 13 at 7.5W speeds or any of the Galaxy S22 series phones at 15W speeds.

    So what does the AirVOOC 50W wireless charger come with? Just a USB-A to USB-C cable. You don’t get the required 65W SuperVOOC power adapter so you’ll have to provide your own brick.

    Oppo AirVOOC 50W Wireless Flash Charger test

    AirVOOC 50W brings a double wireless coil design which allows for a larger sensing range. The cradle also comes with a 3,600 RPM spinning fan to keep temperatures in check and has a duct beneath the phone mount which blows cool air to keep thermals in check. You can position the phone upright and in landscape mode while charging and you can also have a case on the phone as long as that case is not over 2mm thick.

    Oppo AirVOOC 50W Wireless Flash Charger test

    The charger also comes with several safety measures including overvoltage and overcurrent protection, a temperature monitor, electrostatic charge protection, a low voltage monitor and foreign object detection – which can detect stuff like coins and prevent charging.

    Oppo also added a silent charging mode which allows you to mute the fan during specific hours of the day or night. Oppo Find X5 Pro has a special subsection in the battery menu settings where you can toggle the quiet charging mode. The charger comes with a set of rubber feet that raise it 3mm above the surface to allow for better airflow.

    AirVOOC 50W weighs 180 grams. Oppo’s 80W SuperVOOC charging brick comes in at 120 grams while the cable is another 30 grams making the grand total for our AirVOOC 50W charger setup 330 grams.

    And now the results.

    In our test with the Oppo Find X5 Pro we measured 53 minutes for a 1-100% charge with the AirVOOC 50W Wireless Flash Charger. That’s 6 minutes more than Oppo claimed 47 minutes though we should factor in room temperature as the main variable. Find X5 Pro reached a 13% charge after just 5 minutes on the charger and was sitting at 50% after 23 minutes, which is just a minute away from what Oppo claimed.

    Oppo’s 80W wired SuperVOOC charger took 40 minutes for a full 1-100% charge so 53 minutes from the AirVOOC charger is still impressive considering the extra heat generated by wireless charging. A quick comparison with vivo X80 Pro and its 50W Wireless Flash Charger shows that Oppo X5 Pro finished a full charge 5 minutes quicker while boasting a larger 5,000 mAh battery compared to X80 Pro’s 4,700 mAh cell.

    AirVOOC 50W Wireless Flash Charger tempertures during test and Oppo Find X5 Pro after being charged to 100%
    AirVOOC 50W Wireless Flash Charger tempertures during test and Oppo Find X5 Pro after being charged to 100%

    AirVOOC 50W Wireless Flash Charger tempertures during test and Oppo Find X5 Pro after being charged to 100%

    Surface temperatures on both the charger and our Oppo Find X5 Pro test unit remained cool and did not go above the 33°C threshold at any point during our tests. As soon as we charged up the phone we immediately tested how hot it got and it was at just under 32°C.

    Oppo Find X5 Pro with the 50W AirVOOC 50W Wireless Flash Charger (5,000 mAh)
    0 min 1%
    5 min 13%
    10 min 24%
    15 min 34%
    20 min 44%
    25 min 54%
    30 min 63%
    35 min 71%
    40 min 80%
    45 min 88%
    50 min 96%
    53 min 100%

    We also had the chance to test out SuperVOOC 80W car charger which promises the same charging speeds as the SuperVOOC 80W power adapter that comes bundled with the Oppo Find X5 Pro. That’s mighty impressive given the size difference between the two chargers.

    The 80W car charger is USB PD 3.0 compatible and has a traditional design with USB-C and USB-A ports and an LED charging indicator. Oppo is again using a six-layer protection system like on the AirVOOC wireless charger. It’s important to note that you’ll need to use an original Oppo USB-A to USB-C cable (the one that comes bundled with the Find X5 Pro) to reach the claimed 80W (11V @ 7.3A) maximum speeds.

    Oppo AirVOOC 50W Wireless Flash Charger test

    Charging via the USB-C port will get you up to 30W speeds (11V @ 3A) on any USB PD-compatible device. You can also charge two independent devices via both ports simultaneously though maximum speed will be limited to 33W via the USB-A port and 30W on the USB-C connector. With all that info out the way let’s see what Oppo’s car charger managed with our Find X5 Pro.

    The first 5 minutes on the car charger topped up the Find X5 Pro up to 25% and the phone reached a 43% charge after 10 minutes. The battery reached a 70% charge after 20 minutes and was sitting at 92% after 30 minutes. It then took 10 more minutes to reach the full 100%.

    The full 1-100% charge took 40 minutes which is exactly the same result we got with the SuperVOOC 80W bundled charger on the Find X5 Pro. The car charger has the advantage of being just 40 grams light and this is by far the fastest car charger we’ve tested to date. We did not notice any excessive heat coming from the charger during our test which is another added bonus.

    Oppo Find X5 Pro with the SuperVOOC 80W Car Charger (5,000 mAh)

    0 min 1%
    5 min 25%
    10 min 43%
    15 min 58%
    20 min 70%
    25 min 82%
    30 min 92%
    35 min 98%
    40 min 100%

    For the sake of comparison, we’ve added the three chargers used in this experiment in the following chart to help recap our findings. We can see both the 80W SuperVOOC wall charger (red) and the 80W SuperVOOC car (yellow) charger are neck and neck in terms of speed though the smaller car charger holds the advantage for most of the test. On the other end, we can see the 50W AirVOOC Wireless Flash Charger (blue) is a tad slower though it’s still impressive to see it hanging in with the other two wired solutions.

    Oppo’s AirVOOC 50W wireless charger and 80W SuperVOOC car charger are two of the fastest chargers in their categories and bring blazing-fast top-up times. AirVOOC 50W handles a 1-100% charger in just 53 minutes while the tiny 80W SuperVOOC car charger manages the same in exactly 40 minutes – on par with the larger 80W SuperVOOC charging brick that comes bundled with the Find X5 Pro.

    At €78 for the AirVOOC 50W wireless charger and €40 for the 80W SuperVOOC car charger, Oppo is certainly charging a premium for the added utility of charging at blazing-fast speeds. Most users will probably be better off with a regular Qi wireless charger and a basic car charger for daily needs.

    Oppo AirVOOC 50W Wireless Flash Charger test

    Oppo and OnePlus flagship owners who routinely need extra fast top-ups can rest assured that the AirVOOC 50W wireless charger and SuperVOOC 80W car charger are hands-down the best solution out for their specific devices and can certainly forget about ever charging with a regular charger at home or on the go.

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