Watch the Mexico and Poland match, broadcast live on 11-22-2022, the 2022 World Cup

    Watch the Mexico and Poland match, broadcast live on 11-22-2022, the 2022 World Cup Poland and Mexico will face each other in the second group matches, and the first match for the two teams in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. The two teams are considered one of the strongest teams in the fiery group that brings together the Argentine and Saudi national teams. Predicting the outcome of the match is not easy, as the two teams are close in level.

    Watch the Mexico and Poland match, broadcast live on 11-22-2022, the 2022 World Cup

    Mexico enters today’s match with the ambition of winning without jealousy, in its first match in the World Cup, because Mexico plays in a strong and difficult group, so the matches must be dealt with seriously early, Mexico, which won two of the last five matches that it played before going to Qatar and lost in three Matches, which increases the pressure on the Mexican national team, which aspires to qualify and overtake the strong Polish team, in which many stars such as Polish Lewandowski and Juventus goalkeeper Chesney play. It is mentioned that the next edition of the World Cup will be played in Mexico with Canada and the United States of America.

    Follow-up to the Mexico-Poland match broadcast live

    Led by Barcelona star Lewandowski, Poland enters the match with high spirits and great ambition to present a beautiful tournament, qualify as far as possible in the tournament and why not win the World Cup, but the task is difficult from the start of the tournament because the third group in which the Polish national team plays is considered the strongest group in the tournament, so the struggle will be intense On my qualification cards, the Mexico match is a match to prove their presence in the tournament and to show a competitor who is afraid of facing opponents in the tournament. The Polish team has won two of the last five matches, but notices the improvement in the level of the Polish team. The Polish team wants the first victory over the Mexican team, as it has not won before over Mexico.

    Mexico’s expected line-up against Poland in the World Cup

    Coach Gerard Martino will play in an offensive formation in order to reach the goal and take advantage of the shortcomings in the defense of the Polish national team. He will play in the following formation:

    Goalkeeper: Ochoa

    Defense line: Sanchez – Montes – Moreno – Gallardo

    Midfield: Rodwiger – Herrera – Chavez

    Offensive line: Antonio – Martin – Vega

    The Mexican national team wants to win the second victory over Poland in the history of their confrontations and reserve the three points that pave the way for qualification, especially as it will face the strong Argentina team.

    The expected line-up for Poland against Mexico in the World Cup

    The Polish national team will play the match through long passes to deliver the ball to the first star, Lewandowski, who is considered to have the decisive role in the attacks, and the lineup expected to be approved by the coach is as follows:

    Goalkeeper: Chesney

    Defense line: Bednarik – Glick – Kewer

    Midfield: Berezinski – Zorkowski – Krechowiak – Zielinski – Zalewski

    Offensive line: Swiderski – Lewandowski

    The date of the match Poland and Mexico in the World Cup

    The Mexico-Poland match will be played at 7:00 pm Mecca time and 6:00 pm Egypt time, Live broadcast of the Poland-Mexico match You watch it on BN Sport Max 1, be in sport max 1, and the match will be played at Stadium 974, the unique World Cup stadium, after the disappointing results of the two teams. A golden opportunity for the two teams to restore consideration.

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