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    Twitter was taken over by billionaire Elon Musk in October 2022. Since then, the company has been through numerous changes. Over the past few months, these changes have not only affected the company but have also been a concern for the users of the social media platform. Now, the latest update has reportedly removed a feature for some users. Both Android and iPhone users have reported that the latest Twitter update has removed the “send a Direct Message” option from profile pages.
    We have checked it on our Android device and the DM button was missing from all accounts. Multiple iPhone owners have also reported this issue, however, it doesn’t seem to be affecting all devices running iOS. Twitter has not officially announced the removal of this handy toggle. Moreover, removing the DM button might not be an intentional move by the company and can be the result of a bug affecting mobile users.
    DM option on profile pages: What is it
    The DM option in each Twitter profile helps users to send a direct message to another account right from their profile pages. Earlier, on mobiles, the DM button used to appear beside the Following option (or Follow) and notification buttons. This toggle has now disappeared from the apps. However, the direct message button is still appearing on Twitter’s web client.
    DM option on profile pages: how is it affecting users
    Several Android users, including some Twitter users, have reported the removal of the DM button. However, some iPhone users have also reported the same issue while others claimed that the button was working fine for them. According to a report by 9to5Google, a user reported seeing the button missing on his Android phone, but was able to see it on an iPhone which was signed in with the same account.
    The company is expected to patch this issue soon. Meanwhile, users can still start a direct message on Twitter. Users have to search for the account they want to send a message to in the messages tab.
    Latest changes on Twitter for Android
    Twitter has added some notable changes to its Android app in the past few weeks. Android users can now register for the Twitter Blue subscription by paying $11/month. Twitter Blue subscribers will not only receive a blue check on their accounts but will also be prioritised in searches and conversations.
    The company has also recently added the “For You” tab for its Android users. This tab shows tweets in an algorithmic view instead of a chronological one. It is important to note that these features are already available on the iOS app.

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