The result of the Argentina and Australia match, broadcast live, koora live, on 12-03-2022, the 2022 World Cup

    Watch the Argentina and Australia match, broadcast live, koora live, on 12-03-2022, the 2022 World Cup Kora Live presents to you the Argentina and Australia match broadcast live, and this match is played for the final price round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, and this is the exclusionary and powerful match that brings together the Argentine national team from South America and Australia from Asia, and it is the first match that brings the two teams together in The World Cup and the calculations of matches in the World Cup are not the same as before, so now it is an elimination match that needs to win the match. The winning team in this match will face the winning team from the Netherlands-USA match in the quarter-finals.

    Watch the Argentina and Australia match, broadcast live, the 2022 World Cup

    The Argentine national team is playing the match aspiring to continue the procession of winning their third title in history. The Argentine national team lost in its first match in the tournament against Saudi Arabia with a score of 2-1, but the Argentine national team returned and corrected the matter and defeated the Mexican national team with a score of 2-0, then Argentina imposed itself Leader of Group C after a 2-0 victory over Poland, the Argentine national team is one of the strong candidates to win the World Cup, and Argentina relies on its great star Lionel Messi, who led Argentina to qualify for the final price round, the Argentine national team bid farewell to the last version in the final price round when it lost the match With a score of 4-2 against France, who won the World Cup in that edition.

    Follow-up to the Argentina-Australia match broadcast live, Kora Live

    The Australian team, who qualified from Group D as a runner-up, enters the match to make history and beat Argentina today and qualify for the quarter-finals of the World Cup for the first time in history. Australia lost the first match in the tournament against France 4-1 and it was a heavy loss, but Australia is in The second match of the tournament defeated Tunisia with a clean goal, and in the third and decisive match against Denmark, it won with a clean goal and joined the French team to the final price round, and now the opponent is difficult and strong, and it will not be an easy match for Australia in the match.

    The expected line-up for Argentina against Australia today in the World Cup

    Argentina will play with this squad:

    Goalkeeper: Martinez

    Defense line: Molina – Romero – Otamendi – Aconneh

    Midfield: De Paul – Fernandez – McAllister

    Offensive line: Di Maria – Messi – Julian Alvarez.

    The expected formation of Australia today against Argentina in the World Cup

    Australia will play with this squad:

    Goalkeeper: Ryan

    Defense line: Degenk – Sutar – Rovelis – Behich

    Midfield: Leakey – Moy – Irvine – Goodwin

    Offensive line: McGarry – Duke.

    The date of the Australia and Argentina match in the 2022 World Cup

    You can follow Live broadcast of the match between Argentina and Australia Koora Live, the Argentina-Australia match will be played today, Wednesday 12/03/2022, at 10:00 pm Mecca Al-Mukarramah time and 9:00 pm Egyptian time, and you will watch the match on BN Sport Max 1, be in sport max 1, and via channel BN Sport 4K be in sport 4k.

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