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Mourad calls for encouraging local businesses to embody housing programs in Djanet-El Hewar, Algeria

Mourad calls for encouraging local businesses to embody housing programs in Djanet-El Hewar, Algeria

Today, Saturday, the Minister of Interior, Local Communities and Urban Development, Ibrahim Murad, in the state of Djanet, called for encouraging local construction companies to implement the housing sector programs in the state.
The minister, who was accompanied by the Minister of Environment and Renewable Energies, Samia Mwalfi, explained when he supervised the laying of the foundation stone for the realization of a housing share of 400 units in the rental public form within the framework of the visit he embarked on to this young state that “local construction companies should be encouraged to embody the programs of the housing sector in the state and use materials Local construction in view of the natural characteristics that characterize the region, especially in terms of its distance from the institutions supplying building materials.
Murad also stressed the need to provide potable water and sanitation networks in the new residential neighborhoods, and to accompany the completion institutions to ensure that housing projects are received within the specified deadlines.
At the same site, the minister listened to some local concerns in the housing sector, including granting the state other housing formulas, especially supporting rural housing, as it records a demand for this formula in the region, expanding housing projects, and ensuring respect for the local urban pattern.
In his response, the minister affirmed that the state of Djanet is characterized by specificities that must be respected, highlighting, by the way, that the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, is working to bring the decision-making center closer to the citizens, in a way that helps determine the needs and monitor the concerns of its residents, adding, “Efforts focus on supporting youth and developing the development movement in this way.” young state.”
For her part, the Minister of Environment and Renewable Energies called for green spaces to be taken into account in the engineering designs of housing programs in this region, as this falls – as she added – within the framework of improving the citizen’s living framework, stressing also the importance of taking into account the issue of waste management to preserve the environment.
This residential project (class of 3 rooms) in the public rental form is distributed over 350 units for the benefit of the municipality of Djanet, and 50 others for the municipality of Burj Al-Hawas, distributed among several construction contractors, according to the technical card of the project.
Murad inspected the complex of the administrative headquarters of the external interests of the state, which includes 23 directorates, where he urged the accompaniment of citizens and the keenness to provide all facilities to meet their administrative interests.
In her turn, Mawalfi stressed the need to provide a directive plan for waste in the state, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of attracting young people towards the waste recycling activity.
On the occasion, the green club was set up for the middle school of Emir Abdelkader in Zlousa district, and a joint committee between the Directorate of Environment and the Algerian Islamic Scouts in the field of environment.
Murad inaugurated the headquarters of the public treasury, stressing that this administrative facility is a great gain for the state of Djanet.
The Minister of Interior, Local Communities and Urban Planning continues his visit to Djanet state by inspecting other facilities in the state capital.

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