Boumerdes.. The Minister of Health is examining four projects in the sector – El Hewar Algeria

Boumerdes.. The Minister of Health is examining four projects in the sector - El Hewar Algeria


Today, Monday, the Minister of Health, Abdelhak Sayhi, went on an inspection visit to the state of Boumarads, to find out the status of the sector and to inspect health facilities and projects that are still under construction, as he gave several directives and instructions during his suffering to four stations in the state.

According to the ministry’s statement, the minister started the field work visit, accompanied by the governor of the state, Yahya Yahyatin, by inspecting the 240-bed hospital project in the Sahel region.

This medical facility – which sits on an area of ​​approximately 5 hectares – consists of a ground floor and five floors, and it has eleven (11) operating rooms (in delicate specialties such as neurosurgery and heart surgery), including four operating rooms at the level of the emergency department. medical and surgical,

In addition to other interests of specialized medicine such as otolaryngology, internal medicine, orthopedics and trauma, general surgery, major burns, intensive care, physical rehabilitation.

This hospital also has a scanner, magnetic resonance imaging (IRM), three radiologie units, and eight medical analysis laboratories.

It is expected that this medical facility will contribute to improving the health services provided to the residents of the state and relieving the pressure experienced by the three public institutions in Dellys, Burj Manayel and Al-Thaniyya, as well as the neighboring health centers.

After listening to a number of explanations provided by those in charge of this medical facility, which has been expected for years, the Minister gave a number of instructions, which stipulate the need to establish two emergency departments, the first for adults and the second for children.

The minister also stressed the need to adopt the digitization system as a modern management mechanism by adopting the patient’s electronic medical file and encouraging telemedicine with the adoption of new medical technologies in order to improve the services provided to the patient.

In the second station that the Minister visited today, he inaugurated the National Seminary School in the Sahel district of Boumerdes, where the Minister toured the various departments that are available in it, including classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums, the library for reading, and a treatment room.

He also listened to the explanations provided by the administrators of this school, which has a capacity of more than 250 pedagogical seats and a capacity of 78 students.

According to the ministry’s statement, this training facility would ensure qualitative training of human resources and guarantee the product of paramedical corps in the specialties that support the needs of health institutions in this state, while preparing the necessary human resource for hospital structures under construction, once they enter into service.

The institute provides specializations such as midwife, nurse, nurse assistant, medical masseur, laboratory, and medical imaging equipment operator.

In this context, the minister stressed the need to create shelter conditions for students of neighboring states.

In the third leg of this visit, the Minister of Health, Abdelhak Sayhi, supervised the laying of the foundation stone for a project to implement a multi-service clinic in the Karma district of Boumerdes municipality.

This clinic occupies an area of ​​1814 square meters, while its completion deadline is set at 18 months.

It is expected that this clinic will organize an emergency department, and provide general and specialized medical examinations, in addition to a special unit for maternal and child protection.

According to another statement by the ministry, the minister visited the fourth and final station and the accompanying delegation to inspect the construction project of a 120-bed hospital in Budwau, which was previously a project dedicated to the construction of a mental hospital before it was decided to convert it into a public hospital institution with several specialties, including emergency, general medicine, obstetrics and others.

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