‘Bumper In Berlin’: Adam Devine goes abroad to revive his Cappella career in new promo for Spinoff series ‘Pitch Perfect’

'Bumper In Berlin': Adam Devine goes abroad to revive his Cappella career in new promo for Spinoff series 'Pitch Perfect'

From the halls of Barden University to the streets of Berlin, Adam Devine takes his picture pitch perfect The character of Bumper international in the film’s sub-series is coming to Peacock.

In the new trailer for Bumper in Berlin Released on Wednesday, Bumper received a call that his TikToks had spread in Germany and he was being invited to move abroad to revive his music career. Along the way, it looks like he’s going to experience some culture shock as well as the pop singer played by Jamila Jamil.

But after some mishaps, Bumper begins to seize this new opportunity with the help of his team, including his assistant Heidi, played by Sarah Hyland, whom he may or may not fall in love with, and a few new friends. Trailer ends with a promise pitch perfect riff off signature.

Watch the entire trailer below.

Bumper in Berlinwhich was set a few years after the events of pitch perfect, including executive producers Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman of Brownstone Productions. Paul Brooks and Scott Niemeyer of Gold Circle Films are also producing alongside Devine. Richie Kane will serve as director, producer and executive producer.

The series is produced by Universal Television, a division of the Universal Studio Group.

I think this journey began over 15 years ago – from discovering Mickey Rabkin’s book, to three great films, and now a TV series. We could never have imagined the life this story would take. It was really important to us Bumper in Berlin To be known to fans, for its disrespectful comedy and phenomenal music, but also very different from what I’ve seen before. We wanted to honor The Barden Bellas and pitch perfect world, while expanding on a brilliantly new and exotic character journey. This story is about second chances, friendship, and the idea that your dreams can come true in unexpected ways — anywhere in the world, at any time in your life,” Banks said in a statement Tuesday.

good place Writer and co-producer Megan Amram serves as presenter and director of the series. Also produces CEO.

“I hope this show will make you laugh, smile, sing and ask ‘Why is there a real German word that translates to ‘baby three cheese’?” Amram said in her statement. “This show was an absolute pleasure.”

Bumper in Berlin Premieres on Peacock on November 23. NBC will also air Episode 1 and a sneak peek of Episode 2 on November 28 at 10 p.m. after the sound.

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