Christina Hendricks’ legs are epic in this new pantsless knit IG photo

Christina Hendricks' legs are epic in this new pantsless knit IG photo

Fall has basically arrived, and Christina Hendricks is knitting something super cozy for the season. So, it’s safe to say it’s time to ditch your fuzzy sweaters and scarves.

the mad men The actress shared her love for knitting with her Instagram followers by dropping some delightful pictures. The thumbnail dump shows Christina holding a ball of maroon-colored yarn in front of her legs, which are epically colored (she’s pantsless in the snap). The next photo shows her knitting with her dog sitting on her lap, and the final video shows her quick knitting skills in action.

One thing is for sure: these legs are sculpted with a capital S. “#knitting,” she captioned the post, keeping it simple. Her followers loved learning about her hobby. “Oh yeah, a bit of old school gear 👏👏,” one wrote. Another commented: “Oh girl, Mahira 😍.”

So, how did Christina become so strong and toned? For starters, she loves exercising outdoors. Besides horse riding, she also goes kayaking, and enjoys walking a lot with her two dogs, Triscuit and Zu Zu:

But Christina goes to the gym sometimes, too. “I would say my favorite exercise is calisthenics and doing some free weights. I try to mix it up,” she previously said. health, per E! News. “I do bar style sometimes, but it is what it is truly difficult!”

When it comes to her diet, the 48-year-old actress is quite the chef, having taught herself how to cook in her 20s. the people. “I love cooking, and I’m a foodie,” Christina said. “I was always trying to outdo myself; I was doing all of Thomas Keller’s very complicated recipes that would take three days. Gourmet And in good health I will be inspired by everything I read.”

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I’m not kidding, Christina once had a big Sunday roast and made a traditional roast of beef with vegetables, fennel salad and Yorkshire pudding. She also made a great soup for Valentine’s Day in 2022:

And for dessert? Christina prefers fruit. “I don’t like chocolate, but I like things with a creamy texture,” she said. “I’m usually a fruit and cream person, but the chocolate cream bowls are a crowd pleaser.” Tasty!

Love it, Christina!

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