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‘Critical Role’ Star Ashley Johnson and Six Other Women Allege Physical and Verbal Abuse By Brian Foster

'Critical Role' Star Ashley Johnson and Six Other Women Allege Physical and Verbal Abuse By Brian Foster

In a memo filed in August, Foster denied many of Johnson’s allegations, but not all

Actress Ashley Johnson – star of the popular web series “Critical Role” and video game series “The Last of Us” – has filed a lawsuit against Brian Foster, her ex-boyfriend and former “Critical Role” co-star, alleging domestic violence and sexual violence. Battery, assault, stalking, gender violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil rights violations.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, with seven plaintiffs — six, including Johnson, her sister, Hayley Langseth, and Jane Doe — alleging Foster’s misconduct over the “past decade” that was “fueled by chronic problems.” Drug and alcohol abuse.”

Johnson alleges in the lawsuit that her relationship with Foster began in October 2012, and that he moved into her home shortly after. By 2015, she claimed, “almost daily” he was having a “violent outburst,” which included “breaking glass, punching glass doors, breaking a gate, slamming doors, and getting in Johnson’s face while screaming obscenities.” In her face like “stupid bitch”, “fucking stupid”, “fucking useless”, “useless bitch”, “fucking bitch”, “fucking cunt”, and more.

She claims Foster’s behavior escalated in 2019 due to her working to support them financially, and that his drinking increased after he was fired from the critical role in 2021. After their split in March 2023, Johnson alleged Foster posted a photo on Instagram of the two dogs they shared with the site’s tag “Robert Blake.” Garden’s”. (Blake was acquitted of murdering his wife, then held responsible for her death in civil court.) Johnson interpreted the sign as a threat.

Johnson alleges Foster refused to leave their home, and began carrying a bag containing “two air pistols modified to look like real rifles” as well as a “collar.” She claims Foster threatened to reveal private information about her unless she paid him $150,000. Johnson went to the police, and an emergency protective order was filed on her behalf. Foster was removed from Johnson’s home in May.

The suit also alleges that Foster groped Johnson’s sister, Langseth, in front of Johnson and Langseth’s children, and that he subjected several other women, many of them working in a critical role, to “inappropriate sexual harassment” — including “groping them without their consent.” – after falsely claiming that he and Johnson were in an open relationship.

Foster worked alongside Johnson in Critical Role, the popular web series that chronicles an ongoing Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Foster also produced and hosted “Talks Machina.” (“Critical Role” was the basis for the animated series “The Legend of Vox Machina” on Amazon Prime Video, but Foster was not involved in that production.)

A representative for Foster did not immediately respond to a request for comment diverse. But in an August court filing, he responded at length to Johnson’s request for a restraining order against him, which included many of the same allegations against Foster.

In that file, Foster says the air rifles were to protect their dogs from coyotes and that the hole was a pocket saw for firewood for a planned camping trip. He denies trying to blackmail Johnson. Instead, Johnson allegedly agreed to pay him $25,000 to “get back on his feet” and asked him to sign an agreement not to talk about their relationship. He says he told Johnson, “I had no idea what my signing the NDA to erase 10 years of my life was worth; whether it was $0 or $150,000. … I didn’t tell her that unless she paid me $150,000, I would talk about it.” Our private life.

Foster doesn’t deny including Robert Blake’s tag in his Instagram post; He says it was taken “as a joke” after the site went up after he took a photo of the dogs in their backyard, “so I thought it was funny.”

He says “most of the profanity I allegedly shouted at Ashley never happened,” and that he has “no recollection at all” of the allegations of groping Johnson’s sister: “No one even reported this to me. I know that if this had happened I would have been the first to apologize and try to make amends.” Later in the same filing, Foster says categorically that he “did not touch Haley.” He says he has been sober for two and a half years.

Foster’s filing did not mention the accusations against him in the lawsuit filed in October related to unwanted advances and harassment of other women.

Johnson’s request for a restraining order was denied.

In a statement to diverseThe Critical Role actor says the company has “no knowledge of any… [Foster’s] the alleged conduct.”

The statement continues: “It is heartbreaking to us that some of our colleagues have gone through this, and we are committed to supporting them in whatever way we can.” “We work with our HR team and our employees directly to ensure that our workplace and culture live up to all of our expectations.”

Jane Maddos and Angelique Jackson contributed to this report.

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