David Arquette and Elizabeth Marvel join the Sci-Fi Drama, Mrs. Davis

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David Arquette And the Elizabeth Marvel They prepare to take on artificial intelligence in the sci-fi series from Peacock, Mrs. Davis. The duo are the latest names added to the contact page along with the stars of the series Betty Gilpin And the Jake McDormanas well as featured cast including Andy McQueenAnd the Ben ChaplinAnd the Margo Martindale.

The project originates from Tara Hernandez (The Big Bang Theory) And the Damon Lindelof (HBO’s guardsAnd the leftovers) and the creative power was mobilized by clicking Alithea Jones (The rise of the pink ladiesAnd the Evil) to act as a director for several episodes. Jones will be joined by her directorial talents by the previously announced Emmy winner, Owen HarrisWho became famous behind his acclaimed critics black mirror San Junipero episode. Both are also executive productions.

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While the transmission and creative advertisements continue to grow, the description of the plot does not. Mrs. Davis Described as an “exploration of faith versus technology – an epic battle of biblical and two-dimensional proportions,” which leaves plenty of wiggle room for speculation. We also know that Gilpin will play a nun who had AI technology and will – somehow – face a piece of AI. Meanwhile, McDorman will join a former Gilpin who has his bones to pick with the machine. All of this leaves us with the question – what did artificial intelligence do for you both? The plot is killing us!

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Since no further details about the plot have been revealed, we can’t tell you exactly who will play Arquette and Marvel, but with the credits shared between the two, a series about a piece of AI feels right. Arquette was recently authored in shout 5where audiences bid farewell to their longtime owned character, Dewey Riley.

Last December, it was announced that Arquette would be joining the cast of the New York Times Best Seller turned film, AJ Fikry’s life story Together with a stacked crew consisting of Christina HendricksAnd the Lucy HaleAnd the Kunal NayyarAnd the Scott Foley. With a wide range of credits in dramas, Marvel’s casting in Peacock’s latest sci-fi series didn’t come as a shock. From boycott to me house of paper And the homelandNo scene is too big or too small for Marvel to drop some serious acting chops. Most recently, the actress appeared in the Hulu drama series. leakage side by side Amanda And the Naveen Andrews.

As of now, no release date has been set, but stay tuned to Collider for more information.

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