Did Taylor Swift reveal the name of the pregnant baby Blake Lively for her fourth child?

Did Taylor Swift reveal the name of the pregnant baby Blake Lively for her fourth child?

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Read between the lines? Taylor SwiftFans have already come up with theories on how this could happen midnight The album is connected to Blake Lively And the Ryan ReynoldsThe fourth unborn child.

After Swift, 32, dropped her 10th studio album on Friday, October 21, listeners were quick to wonder if her song “You’re Alone Baby” holds some important Easter eggs.

“I see the great escape, for a long time, Daisy May / I pluck the petals, he doesn’t love me,” she sang on the track. “Something different flourished, writing in my room / playing my songs in the parking lot.”

Pennsylvania followers have taken to social media to speculate on the identity of the person mentioned in the song. “Wait Daisy Mae is the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds the youngest?” One fan tweeted at the time.

Another supporter noted that Swift has a history of dropping names Lively, 35, and Reynolds’ children into her music. Our guess: Taylor has used the names of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ children as characters in her songs before, could she have revealed the name of her fourth child here? ?, the second person tweeted.

One month before the album dropped, a social media user noted that the trio were apparently hinting at a floral relationship. With all the floral cues I’ve seen from Taylor, Blake, and Ryan’s social media, do we get a song with a flower-signal or a floral title like ‘petals falling’ or ‘daisy’ or ‘roots’ or something???? the fan wrote via Twitter.

Fans originally started wondering if the Grammy winner had revealed the names of the couple’s older daughters, James, 7, and Inez, 6, during the release of her folklore album in July 2020. She previously included James’ voice on her 2017 track,” bewitching.”

“I’ve heard rumors from Inez/You can’t believe a word you say,” Swift sang in the chorus of the song “Betty.” “I was walking home on cobblestones / Just thinking of you when I stopped like / Weaving out of my worst intentions / She said ‘James, come in, let’s drive. “

The musician confirmed the theory after giving a glimpse into her creative process. “All the characters in this story are named after my friends’ children, I hope you like them!” Swift said in a radio interview in August 2020, referring to Lively and Reynolds’ third little girl, Betty, who was born in 2019.

The dead list The actor, 45, for his part, has opened up about how their children feel the influence of Swift’s music.

“Names are our children’s names. We trust them implicitly. They are very sensitive to any of these things. And the song obviously has nothing to do with our children other than our children’s names.” But I mean, what an honor he said during SiriusXM Town hall Special with Jess Cagle in August 2021. “We thought it was pretty cool. We still do. You know, I’m still walking down the street shaking my head thinking ‘I can’t believe this happened.'”

Canadian citizen, who exchanged vows with gossip girl In 2012, they also discussed how they told their daughters the exciting news. “We surprised them with it,” he joked. “They didn’t know. They had no idea. We don’t tell them anything, and we find them more compliant if you don’t offer them access to outside information.”

Lively revealed that she is expecting a fourth child from her husband last month. At that time, the source was shared exclusively with us weekly How the couple was preparing for their child.

“Blake is relieved that the secret is over. She kept it until she couldn’t anymore!” The insider explained. “She loves embellishing her little tummy and wants to make a statement….She really radiates.”

The source also noted that Lively and Reynolds became “more united” during the pregnancy. “When they got together, they always planned to have a lot of children. [They] I felt like they were making up for lost time [from] The years they both had to put off starting a family.”

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