Disney CEO Bob Chapek suggests that adults don’t like animated movies

Disney CEO Bob Chapek suggests that adults don't like animated movies

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Disney movies. Strictly for children.
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Successful films are not successful because only one specific audience goes to see them. They are hitting because All fans go see them. So we say that any one type is only for a specific demographic It is already shockingly reductive. to say so When the date And the The existence of your company It proves unequivocally wrong, it is something far, much stupider.

In a new clip shown from The Wall Street JournalAnd the Disney CEO, Bob Chapek –Yes, the senior executive responsible for DisneyHe says the following:

“I always say that when our fans and fans put their kids to bed at night after watching Pinocchio or Dumbo or little mermaidThey probably won’t make another animated movie. They want something for themselves.”

Are you Always say thatAnd the Bob? Is that correct, Bob?

truly, Have you ever seen two stupid judgments from a company president? He. She It would be like Tim Cook said “You know, I think our fans really like Android,Or Elon Musk investing in gas.

there so many things to break here, tThe first is that, admittedly, feelings are not universal inaccurate. If your child makes you watch incanto or frozen 200 times repeated, sure, you might like it wear something else To cleanse the palate: the drama of a jerking tear, aGross comedy, hardcore pornography, anything. And Disney, as a company, offers some of these options (not under the traditional brand “Disney”—This stuff is PG-13 at best this still targeting children –But with some of the many other subcategories such as Fox, Hulu, National Geographic, etc.). To suggest that adults do not want to watch cartoons is just plain stupid.

Have you seen this man? wal-e? Beauty and the beast? Toy Story 3? higher? the king lion? Basically every single one is great, hit Disney movie that works alike is very simple level for children but has topics and situations that speak to adults, very? aWas it such a hit that audiences of all ages went to see it? Does he think Disney is worth billions because only kids watch and love animated movies and everything they stand for?

Beyond that, does he think adults have stopped loving the movies they grew up on? A little bit of the The films he mentioned are over 50 years old. Are the people who saw them children who are now old people stop loving them? Have you heard of nostalgia? And what about huge, leaked A community of adults who are unabashedly Disney fans? Those who spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on Disney merchandise and theme park rides based on these movies? If these people didn’t like animated movies, would Bob here be making tens of millions of dollars a year? We don’t think so.

We can go on and on. What do you think of Chapek’s statement? Tell us below.

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