Disney Plus is close to bringing back cable – Star Wars News Net

Disney Plus is close to bringing back cable - Star Wars News Net

Happy Sunday! I’d like to start off this week’s edition of “This Week, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away” by congratulating our friends from The Resistance Broadcast on reaching their 700th episode last Monday. The show will undergo some changes from now on, which have broken down On their social mediaDue to James’ departure. I would like to wish James, a dear friend who I have met in person at the past two celebrations, the best in his future endeavours!

I wish I could say that in honor of their feat, given their past relationships with SonWe decided not to have a new episode of Son Live! this week. However, it was due to some virus that overtook some of the team members. But what we got was a new episode of Bad batchwhich Josh reviewed here for the site — and I mostly agree with his opinion, for the record.

It’s been a pretty slow week for news, but there are still some interesting things to discuss. Without further ado, let’s get on with it!

Three things that might be unofficial

  • the assistant Minor updates: According to insiders Jeff Snyder and The CW’s David Harewood Supergirl Fame will play a small role in the assistant. The show, which premieres in just over a month, dropped a new image this week via Total Film Magazine. Amandla Stenberg also spoke to the outlet about the show, though it wasn’t exactly a revolutionary statement, as they discussed the past vibe the show offers.
  • Comic news: new Investigators Lucasfilm announced this week that the comic series will be coming later this year. We also have a preview of July’s output here. And if you haven’t read it yet, our awesome publishing team at SWNN is keeping up with all things comics, and reviewing it this week Darth Vader #45 (Rosalie), Scepter Windu #3 (Jay), and High Republic Adventures: Saber for Hire #1 (Nate).
  • The latest from Hasbro: The toy company got tired of reusing the same clone mold in different repaints and moved on to the Mandalorian characters. new The Mandalorian The Season 3 games were announced this week.

Quote of the week

“I looked for pieces of film to separate the ad, which are the moments when the actors are trying to reach for something or look at something. I never touched or interfered with the film itself.

A few weeks ago, in another installment of this series, I shared a video that then started going viral on social media: a beer promotion that was edited into New hope by a Chilean company when the original films were broadcast on national television 20 years ago. After 24 hours, the promos (more of which were found along the way) appeared on every newscast and led to thousands of fan cuts — including several from Nate Manning, who has made tweeting them his new obsession. . We are all here for it.

Ignacio Gonzalez, Director at Efex! (the company behind the ads) at the time, recently spoke about forgotten ads in an interview with Watchman.

runner up

“I don’t know if I’ve ever done anything as important as these 24 hours of storytelling that we’re doing now.”

That was what Tony Gilroy was talking about, after receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the WGA Awards last week Andor. Season 2 will debut in early 2025 on Disney Plus – and it can’t get here fast enough!

Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgard) in Lucasfilm’s ANDOR, exclusively on Disney+. ©2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. &TM. All rights reserved.

What’s old is new again: Disney Plus is close to bringing back cable

It’s a slow news week, so we’ll take a little detour to discuss a pertinent issue star Wars Commercial franchise. Earlier this week, the information It was reported that Disney is planning to introduce a new feature similar to the TV channels, where they are being rebooted star Wars Or Marvel shows will be available 24/7. Let’s add some historical context to this and try to understand why this is an important step.

In 2022, Wall Street and, as a result, Hollywood studios, were upset by Netflix’s disastrous first-quarter earnings, as the streaming company reported its first subscriber loss ever. This prompted the company to introduce a lower-priced advertising layer and also start cracking down on password sharing. Disney followed suit shortly thereafter.

In late 2022, they raised the price of the standard Disney Plus package, keeping the $8.99 per month plan as an ad-supported alternative. In 2024, Disney will make more money per user from people in the ad tier than it does from people in the ad-free option. They’ve also announced plans to start hunting down shared accounts with passwords. Disney sees a future where every household has a Disney Plus user login and they have to watch ads in the middle of it Moana Daily session.

Kino Lowe in Andor Season 1

This is really reminiscent of the old cable package, where you paid a fee each month to get a large number of channels that were profitable (generally) due to carriage fees as well as the ads you displayed. Aggregation is seen as the final frontier of flow. Most analysts foresee a future in which multiple companies collaborate to offer a combined subscription to their streaming services, at a lower price. Peacock and Paramount Plus, if they survive the next two years, are the prime candidates. Max is also a good bet.

Disney has already begun implementing this idea internally. They have been offering a bundled bundle of Disney Plus + Hulu + ESPN Plus for the past few years which has been slowly improving. Now that Bob Iger has decided to buy Comcast’s share of Hulu, they’ve integrated that split into Disney Plus as another box on the home page — similar to how the STAR banner works outside the US. Of course, this is a long way from firmness between the companies, but it at least indicates that Disney is not as enamored with its family-friendly brand of streaming as it has said before, but is now allowing – subject to parental controls – Pam and Tommy To live next door bluish On the home page.

Leaving bundling aside and understanding that it was something that would eventually happen, there was another term in this definition of a cable bundle that remained untouched: the idea of ​​conduits. For the consumer, this would be the answer to one of the big problems of the streaming era: opening the app but simply not being able to know what to put. It’s the curse of having to choose (and it’s a scary problem to think about on a much larger scale). Perhaps we prefer to have a place to go and know that there will likely be something of interest to us. It was fun channel surfing, after all!

Omega in a scene from STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH, Season 3, exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 Lucasfilm Ltd.™. All rights reserved.

But how does this benefit Disney? It’s an additional option for the consumer, which might keep them coming back to the service at least to see what’s going on. After all, how many of our readers open Disney Plus hoping to find something interesting? At least, I know I don’t log in unless I have something in mind, because unlike Netflix or Max, I usually know what’s waiting for me there.

I think this goes beyond that. Having channels that people can turn on without having to know what to watch, or decide if they want to watch the next episode by the time the credits roll, is also a way to keep engagement levels high — which is crucial when Disney is exiting its TV boss Dana Walden to search for ad buyers. The more people spend time on Disney Plus, whether it’s because they like the shows on offer, or because they can stream it like they used to watch TV, the better the 2024 metrics for streaming will be.

These metrics are always more similar to those we had in the cable era. Netflix announced this week that it will stop reporting subscriber numbers starting in 2025, as it now focuses more on profitability (an area where it outperforms everyone else, even more so than subscriber numbers) and engagement, which they can then sell to advertisers to increase revenue. For each user in the ad layer. These two metrics are a relic of the cable era and another sign that what’s old in TV is new again.

Ariana Greenblatt as Young Ahsoka in Star Wars: Ahsoka

Before I finish, let me quickly do a great read by Jay Goodrell about his concerns about how Ubisoft will handle the release of… Star Wars: Outlaws. Everything from game pass plans to concerns about sustaining the game is here, and it’s especially interesting for people who are casual gamers (like me). Check it out here!

Speaking of former SWNN members, do you like Marvel and are you excited about it? The Fantastic Four? Fran J. Ruiz, a former contributor and editor of this site, remembers the latest updates on the new Marvel movie this summer on Space.com website. And you Known I’m interested in it, if only because I’m interested in Pedro Pascal’s agenda alone.

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Have a fun week!

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