‘ET Canada’ host Sangeeta Patel takes on the ‘crazy’ handstand challenge: ‘Queen of Fitness!’

'ET Canada' host Sangeeta Patel takes on the 'crazy' handstand challenge: 'Queen of Fitness!'

Sangeeta Patel is back with another post titled Fitness Tuesday. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

Sangeeta Patel shows off her ‘crazy power’.

On Tuesday, the “ET Canada” presenter took to Instagram to share a “crazy” video of herself performing the viral handstand challenge to her 145,000 followers.

The clip is part of Patel’s weekly Fitness Tuesday series, where she posts videos of herself attempting impressive workouts and tricky challenges in hopes of inspiring people to get their bodies moving.

In this particular video, the 43-year-old maintains a handstand while her legs rest against a wall in a room in her home, which is currently undergoing renovations.

A TikTok fitness fad typically involves the person trying to spin in a circle without breaking a handstand, testing core strength and stability.

To amp up the background music, Patel kept her focus while moving her legs up and down. She spun halfway in a circle before the video cut off.

In the caption, the mother-of-two talks about her experience with the challenge.

“I tried the viral handstand challenge. I didn’t spin all the way through but hey, I stayed up!” I wrote along with the laughing emoji. “Tile done! Yeah, don’t worry about my footprints on the wall.”

In the comments, fans gushed about the “insane power” of the TV presenter.

“Love it! Literally did this the other day!” commented one follower.

“Girl, you’re so fit! Crazy strength!” added another. “It got me thinking about going to the gym.”

“You’re cool! You don’t know how to do half of the fitness exercises you do, but you’re cool!” Share someone else.

“Queen of Fitness! You make it look so easy!” Penned by a fan.

earlier this year, Yahoo Canada Talk to Patel about fitness and self-confidence.

When asked why she started the Fitness Tuesday series, the Toronto, Ontario native revealed that she wanted to share her love of working out with as many people as possible, and thought Instagram was the perfect outlet.

Within a few weeks of starting the series, Patel said “the response has been fantastic”. She has received hundreds of letters from women who say her videos have inspired them to act.

She explained, “Seeing how the videos were talking to women gave me the motivation to keep going. I just want women to be the best they can be. It’s not labeled, and I’m just putting myself out there.”

Furthermore, Patel added that “a lot of women don’t learn to take care of themselves and their health,” a conversation she wants to change.

She concluded, “You can be your best self at any age, even with family and work.”

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