Experts talk: What to expect from emerging vertical markets and InfoComm 2024

Experts talk: What to expect from emerging vertical markets and InfoComm 2024

Welcome back to the experts’ discussion. I’m your host for today, Ben Thomas. In addition to hosting shows like Pro AV Today, I also lead MarketScale’s Integrated Technology segment. Today’s episode is a little different as I take the reins to discuss one of my favorite events, InfoComm, which is happening next week.

For those unfamiliar, InfoComm is the largest Pro AV show in North America, spanning a wide range of technologies and industries, from LED walls and broadcast equipment to conference room technology and security systems. This show is a cornerstone for many in the AV community, myself included, and provides a unique opportunity to see the latest developments in our field.

What to expect at InfoComm:

  • Various exhibits: InfoComm features a wide range of exhibits covering LED walls, meeting room technology, speakers, microphones and more. Industries represented include safety and security, command and control centers and many more.
  • Networking and education: This event is an excellent place for attendees to network with manufacturers, channel influencers, and other professionals. There are also opportunities for education and certification.
  • Developing markets: Some key markets to watch include security, education, healthcare, and hospitality. Each of these areas is seeing significant advances in autonomous vehicle technology, from real-time surgeries in healthcare to innovative access control systems in hospitality.

Tips for first-time attendees:

  1. Plan ahead: Prepare a rough schedule of events and sessions you would like to attend. This helps avoid feeling overwhelmed and ensures you get the most out of the offer.
  2. Stay hydrated and comfortable: Bring water and wear comfortable shoes. The show grounds are spacious, and you’ll be on your feet a lot.
  3. Use of monorail: The Vegas Monorail is a convenient way to get to the show, especially if you’re staying on the north side of the strip.
  4. Record your experience: Take photos and videos to share on social media. This helps publicize the AV industry and provides valuable feedback to the InfoComm community.
  5. Maintain professionalism: Treat everyone with respect and avoid behavior that may harm your reputation. The AV community is diverse and values ​​respectful interactions.

I look forward:

This year’s InfoComm promises to be one of the most exciting events yet. I’ll be hosting live on-site coverage, engaging in conversations about emerging trends, and discussing how AI is impacting our industry. If you’re attending, I’d love to meet you, feel free to reach out or come shake my hand at the show.

Remember, InfoComm is not just a trade show; It is a vibrant community of professionals dedicated to advancing the AV industry. Whether it’s your first time or your fifteenth, there’s always something new to learn and experience.

Thanks for tuning in, and I look forward to seeing you at InfoComm next week.

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