FANTASTIC FOUR director Matt Shakman talks about how the team is different from the Avengers or X-MEN

FANTASTIC FOUR Director Matt Shakman On How The Team Differs From THE AVENGERS Or X-MEN

MCU fans got a sneak peek at what The Fantastic Four will bring Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness Thanks to the inclusion of Reed Richards in the Illuminati Council. It was a brief but memorable appearance for John Krasinski, who has been a fan of the role for years.

Next The Fantastic Four Director Matt Shakman’s film is expected to go in a very different direction for Reed and the rest of the Richards-Storm family.

It should all be considered a rumor at this point, but Adam Driver and Jake Gyllenhaal are the two names that come up most often in regards to who Shakman will play Reed.

Vanessa Kirby is said to have landed the role of Sue Storm. Less confirmed are the rumors about who will portray the Human Torch and The Thing.

Weird things Actor Joseph Quinn is said to be in the mix for Johnny Storm while Daveed Diggs is a potential Ben Grimm. Again, keep all of these actors in the rumors section for now but expect updates to come quickly after the actor strike ends.

Recently, director Matt Shakman has been teasing Apple TV+’s upcoming sci-fi series Monsterverse, Monarch: Legacy of MonstersHe is a director and executive producer.

Of course, those conversations about the upcoming Godzilla show were filled with questions about the Fantastic Four.

In a recent interview with ScreenRant, Shakman explained how his film will differ from The Avengers and the X-Men.

I love The Fantastic Four as much as I love Godzilla. It’s funny that we have these characters that you discover when you’re a kid, and they stick with you. Godzilla was one of them, and the Fantastic Four was another. I guess I like the space race, and the Kennedy-era optimism about that world. The idea that we can solve all our problems, that with the right heart, the right mind, and the right technology, we can overcome any problem. It’s different. It’s different in many ways because they’re a real family,Shakman said.

He continued, saying:Not a family you find along the way like the X-Men or Avengers, but a real family with all the chaos of a family like Monarch. With all the love, hurt, and complexity of it. Also, they approach things with a kind of optimistic, scientific approach that’s very different from other Marvel characters which I absolutely love, but the way they solve problems is unique and I’m excited about it as well. I hope people like it when we put it out.

Shakman will direct The Fantastic Four Film from a screenplay co-written by Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer. Per Kevin Feige, the film will not focus on the team’s origin story.

Except for any delay, The Fantastic Four It is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on May 2, 2025.

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