Felicity Tiny features a family-friendly layout with a gorgeous kitchen and connecting lofts

Felicity tiny house on wheels

When considering adopting a miniature lifestyle, many people dream of transforming into a tiny home that feels like a traditional home while offering added perks like mobility, less space, and more freedom. Felicity is an exceptionally designed and luxurious tiny house that can make this dream come true, as it has everything one needs when living for a long time with their family in a tiny house.

Felicity's tiny house on wheels
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Photo: Frontier Tiny Homes

Many families with children may find the idea of ​​downsizing attractive but reject it on second thought due to the misconception that small homes do not provide enough space for a family. Here at Autoevolution, we’ve seen many examples of tiny homes that can fit the whole family easily and comfortably. Felicity is another example that reiterates the idea that compact housing is not just for singles or couples.

It’s true that tiny homes have a much smaller footprint than traditional homes, but with thoughtful planning and smart design choices, they can fit into the modern family lifestyle. Felicity, the latest design coming from Colorado-based Frontier Tiny Homes, features a stunning two-story layout with two lofts and can easily sleep six people.

The innovative, family-friendly design maximizes space and includes a stunning living room, full kitchen and modern bathroom on the main level and two bedrooms upstairs.

Felicity's tiny house on wheels

Photo: Frontier Tiny Homes

It is built on a three-axle trailer and is 28 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. What makes it stand out among the many tiny houses available on the market is the distinctive configuration of the second story loft that not only provides full height but also provides an easy passage from the main loft to the secondary floor, which can be a child’s bedroom via a corridor. Narrow above the living room.

In order to create this setting, the designers had to expand beyond standard measurements. This home sits one foot above the standard highway elevation, so those who find the design attractive should take that into consideration if they plan to change location frequently.

Felicity’s interiors are attractive and stylishly designed and offer the levels of luxury and comfort of a contemporary home with the right balance between form and function. Downstairs, the typical open space design features the lounge area in a central location, with easy access to all other areas of the house. It features vaulted ceilings to highlight the openness and is equipped with a comfortable full-size sofa, an electric fireplace with a mantelpiece, and a built-in bookshelf.

Felicity's tiny house on wheels

Photo: Frontier Tiny Homes

The modern L-shaped kitchen is located to the right and features a large window with beautiful views and a large pantry. Plenty of white Thermofoil cabinets provide storage space for all your kitchen utensils, while full-size appliances, including a 13.9-cubic-foot stainless steel refrigerator, four-burner gas range, microwave, and large sink, ensure functionality. Solid acacia wood worktops with live edges and modern fixtures add a touch of luxury to the space.

The bathroom is located at the other end of the house and is equally modern and luxurious, featuring a full-sized tile shower with a glass door, a toilet and a large vanity with a live edge countertop similar to that in the kitchen. There is also a built-in linen closet and space for a washer/dryer combination.

One of the most creative features inside Felicity is the single staircase that leads to the upper floor and the landing above the living room that connects the two upper floors. Other tiny homes with similar designs have sectional stairs or a ladder to the secondary loft, but both of these solutions may take up more space.
There is no built-in storage in this drawer, but the two upper bedrooms have built-in wardrobes for maximum storage.

Felicity's tiny house on wheels

Photo: Frontier Tiny Homes

The master loft has all the qualities of a master bedroom, providing enough space for a queen-sized bed and including two walk-in closets and a walk-in closet. Two side windows keep it bright and airy and, most importantly, offers full height. The secondary loft can be equipped with either a full or double bed and can be used as a children’s sleeping space or a guest bedroom. Both bedrooms offer a certain degree of privacy thanks to dividing walls.

The exterior of this tiny house is almost traditionally modern, clad in a combination of tongue-and-groove cedar siding and maintenance-free metal siding, complete with a metal roof. No fewer than 11 windows and an 8-foot-wide sliding entrance door allow plenty of natural light inside. There is also a back door that opens next to the bathroom which can come in handy when you are pottering outside and don’t want to track dirt into the house.

True to the meaning of its name, Felicity’s Tiny House will bring happiness to the lives of its residents, allowing them to experience the luxury of living in a tiny house that feels like a real home. Frontier Tiny Homes offers this model starting at $149,000.

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