FILM Ferrania hints at the release of two black-and-white films that have long been discontinued

FILM Ferrania P30 film (Pic: FILM Ferrania)

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P30 was the first film to be re-rendered by FILM Ferrania (pic: FILM Ferrania)

Italian film producer FILM Ferrania appears to be planning to release two black-and-white films that have long been discontinued.

A post on the film brand’s Instagram channel on Saturday (November 4) mentioned the new films while unveiling an open house at the FILM Ferrania factory scheduled for December.

The post read: “Explore Verania’s exceptional heritage in cinema and photography, from yesterday to today. Attend the open house on December 2, 2023 at the Verania Film Museum and state-of-the-art production facilities.

The post reads: “Discover the past, present and future of Ferrania, with exclusive previews of the new P33 and P36 films. A unique cultural and scientific experience, with the possibility of testing the P30 in the field.” The event was organized in collaboration with the Punto Foto Group @punto_foto_group, FILM Ferrania, the Ferrania Film Museum and TrattoPunto @trattopunto. .industrialtourism.Closed event, register now!

The P33 and P36 were cinema stocks related to the P30, the 80-ISO high-contrast film that the company put back into production in 2019.

The P33 was an ISO 160 panchromatic film that had previously been available in 120 format.

Releasing both films has been FILM Ferrania’s goal for several years. In 2017, FILM Ferrania answered community questions via the film photography website Emulsive. Asked whether the company would follow up the P30 with high-quality black and white film, the team said: “We already have plans (but only plans) to produce the P30’s ‘cousins’ from the past – the P33 which is 160 ISO and the P36 which is 320 ISO. They will share many aspects with P30, among which there is a higher silver content, but at higher speeds, the grains are likely to be more pronounced.

Screenshot of an Instagram post (Photo: FILM Ferrania/Instagram)
(Photo: Film Verania/Instagram)

“We also plan to manufacture all products in all formats (with a few exceptions), so yes, you will eventually see P33 and P36 in large formats. ‘Viability’ will be determined by the market alone, as it is not an issue from a technical perspective.”

FILM Ferrania rose from the ashes of the original Ferrania Film Factory, which ceased film production in 2009. After a successful Kickstarter in 2013, the team behind FILM Ferrania was able to salvage the research factory at the original factory, which included all the machinery needed to produce the film. once again.

The team originally wanted to resume production of color slide films – which Verania used to produce under the Scotch and Imation brands – but have not yet been able to resume production.

Meanwhile, FILM Ferrania has focused on black-and-white films, adding Orto orthochromatic film earlier this year.

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