HJSC eyes global markets as foreign officials investigate ACV technology

HJSC eyes global markets as foreign officials investigate ACV technology

HJSC’s air-cushioned LSF-II developed for the Republic of Korea Navy / Courtesy of HJSC

HJSC’s Yeongdo Shipyard recently hosted foreign government officials keen to explore air cushion vehicles (ACVs), signaling a potential expansion for the South Korean shipbuilder into global markets.

This visit was part of the comprehensive market research for the ACV project, which was conducted in cooperation with representatives of the Korean government.

Yeongdo Shipyard, operated by HJSC, is uniquely positioned as the country’s exclusive manufacturer of air-cushioned fast landing craft (LSF), boasting unparalleled technological expertise in this specialized field. The company embarked on ACV development in 1977 and achieved a significant milestone by successfully creating ACVs using its proprietary technology, marking the first such achievement in Asia. Notably, HJSC delivered the LSFs and their updated version, “LSF-II”, to the South Korean Navy (ROK Navy).

Proving its continued prowess, HJSC was awarded contracts worth KRW 650 billion at the end of the previous year for the South Korean Navy’s Dokdo Improvement Project, four patrol boats, a Joint Overshore Logistics Services (CJLOTS), and a 3,000-ton class naval ship. Patrol ship. These contracts underscore HJSC’s superiority in warship design and construction, performance improvement, and logistics support facilities.

With a proven track record of success in building 28 fast patrol vessels worth KRW 1.5 trillion for the Republic of Korea Navy, HJSC is poised for potential future contracts on the LSF project. The recent visit by foreign officials raises the prospect of HJSC entering global markets, reflecting its historic export of fast patrol boats to Indonesia in 1979.

“We are the only construction company in the country that has the technology to build the ROK NAVY Solgae-class LSF. In fact, we possess technology that is unparalleled in air-cushioned vehicles,” said an official from HJSC. “Based on our advanced technologies and extensive knowledge, we will vigorously promote sales to win more contracts at home and abroad.”

Founded in 1974 as the country’s first national defense contractor for warships, HJSC has over the past half-century developed a variety of special-purpose vessels, including fast patrol ships, corvettes, frigates and modern warships. landing vessels, logistics support vessels (LSVs) and LSFs, enhancing its unparalleled distinction in the global shipbuilding industry.

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