Jake Gyllenhaal says it’s ‘pretty cool’ that Christopher Nolan personally called him to say he’d lost the role of Batman: He motivated me to ‘keep going’

Jake Gyllenhaal says it's 'pretty cool' that Christopher Nolan personally called him to say he'd lost the role of Batman: He motivated me to 'keep going'

Jake Gyllenhaal recently spoke on “The Howard Stern Show” about losing two major roles during the final rounds of casting: Batman in Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins” and Christian in Baz Luhrmann’s “Moulin Rouge.” In the final film, the audition process came down to Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger and Ewan McGregor. It was here that Gyllenhaal first heard of Ledger, who later became his co-star in Brokeback Mountain.

“What I felt was disappointment when I didn’t get it. Heath and I were disappointed,” Gyllenhaal said. “But that’s Ewan McGregor’s role. You learn to go, “There’s another one.” I could try to come in and audition for someone else. I’ll get something else. “Keep that attitude.”

Gyllenhaal maintained that healthy mindset when he lost “Batman Begins” a few years after “Moulin Rouge!” It fell through. David S confirmed Goyer, who created the “Batman Begins” story and co-wrote the script with Nolan, recently dismissed rumors that Gyllenhaal was his personal top choice to play Batman in Nolan’s trilogy. Christian Bale eventually won the role.

“to [Nolan’s] Credit and buzz [Luhrmann’s] Credit, both of these directors called me personally to tell me [I didn’t get the role]Gyllenhaal said. “And they’ll tell you why. When you get this far, there’s a real legitimacy to potentially getting something. It’s not like they’re going to say, ‘Oh, thank you so much.’ They’re saying, ‘I saw these sides of you that I really wanted in this role and it’s great,’ but In the end I ended up moving that way because it matches better with this person who is the opposite of you or will be opposite you. Their hair color or their height whatever it is!! There are all these unexplainable factors that if you start taking away from them it won’t work. Not healthy.

“For me, I just say: Look how far you’ve come! So just try to keep going. This is how I felt,” the actor continued. “I remember getting a phone call from Christopher Nolan and thinking: ‘I just got a personal call from Christopher Nolan.'” Wow, you’ve come so far, you’ve gone and they’re not sure [about me] For a call saying they’re really thinking of you for this movie. So well, I have to keep going. I have to keep moving forward.”

Gyllenhaal was coming off the disaster film “The Day After Tomorrow” when Nolan tapped him for “Batman Begins.” Although he didn’t get to play the Caped Crusader, losing the role opened the door for him to direct blockbusters like “Brokeback Mountain” and “Jarhead,” both of which opened in the same year as Nolan’s comic book show. Gyllenhaal recently told Screen Rant that he’s still interested in playing Batman.

“Man. This is a classic.” [role]. “It’s an honor,” Gyllenhaal replied. “Speaking of roles that other great actors have played in the past… When I think about it, I’ll be playing Iago in ‘Othello’ with Denzel Washington, and I think about the history of actors who have played that role. All the time, I’m in awe of that. So… “This is the first level. This is what I’m working on now. But for sure. It will always be an honor. These kinds of things and those roles are classics.”

Watch Gyllenhaal’s appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” in the video below.

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