Joe Rogan dumps the ‘fat’ professors who say healthy eating is offensive: ‘F—off’

Joe Rogan mocks professors who condemn healthy habits as

Joe Rogan slammed “fat professors” who advocate unhealthy lifestyles on Saturday’s episode of “The Joe Rogan Experiment.”

“Fat professors, you guys are unhealthy, it’s not good in any way,” said Rogan.

Rogan’s guest was fitness influencer Derek from the “More Plates, More Dates” YouTube channel, as the two appeared to refer to a document from the University of British Columbia in Canada. The document advocated removing nutritional information from the menus because putting a calorie count next to an item can be “exciting” to some students.

The document for students reads: “It can be motivating for those with disordered eating habits or eating disorders.” “For those of us who have a rocky relationship with food, both in the past and in the present, that can happen when we are presented with calorie information, and it can affect our ability to repair our relationship with food. By moving away from nutrition information, we can focus more. On enjoying food and creating a satisfying experience.”

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Podcast giant Joe Rogan has arguably become world famous by giving honest conversations with guests on a wide variety of topics.
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Derek described how the university “removed apparently all nutritional information from the foods students were getting in their meal plans, because showing calories was ‘too sensational'”.

He continued, “It presents this scenario where you can’t even regulate yourself, even individuals who want to stay at a healthy weight, you can’t even figure out what you want? We eat.”

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Rogan recalls a viral video showing a female professor “talking about it [how] Avoiding certain foods is just “fat phobia” and “not based on science.” Also, remember that women say, “You shouldn’t deny yourself cake,” and “calling certain foods “junk food” is incorrect. “

A fat person measures his stomach.

A fat person measures his stomach.
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“How are you ever speaking out about this?” Rogan wondered.

Rogan criticized the idea that people are disturbed by the “actual data” given about the foods they choose to eat, and suggested that it “doesn’t mean that anyone has to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, but that you should know.”

The host suggested that by demonizing the basic information, “they raise the most unsteady people man can know, where every little aggression is thrown out, everything that can turn you on, all of those, and you’re just a raw, vulnerable person.”

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He added, “We’re going to protect you in this university system, and then spit you out into the world where you’re going to infect corporations with this ideology – and that’s what we’re witnessing.”

“It’s a shame how shifting to a comfort mentality has become so common,” Derek replied. “I feel that this is partly why men have low testosterone levels too — just like the lifestyle and encouragement to be a constant piece of people — who are humiliated and insulted by literally everything, and none of it is conducive to masculinity.”

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