John Carpenter’s films, ranked from worst to best

John Carpenter's films, ranked from worst to best

5. In the Mouth of Madness (1994)

It is the third film in Carpenter’s “Apocalypse” trilogy. in the mouth of madness This is arguably the director’s most divisive work. For some, the turbulent tale of insurance agent John Trent (Sam Neill), who goes in search of a missing horror novelist and instead falls into a turbulent nightmare, is too messy. But we say that this is exactly what happens He should It is when you are following a story where the nature of reality becomes a question mark.

Certainly, Carpenter’s ambitious and cerebral love letter to H.P. Lovecraft’s work is never about easy answers, which is why, among impressive practical effects and shocks, the movie’s hit-or-miss story rests on the able shoulders of Neal as a kind of monotonous man in the midst of all the chaos. Three years later, he made an impressive psychological regression during the sci-fi horror flick event horizonbut it will be before long in the mouth of madness He was seen as a similarly underrated gem.

4. They Live (1988)

They live Not just the pinnacle of cinematic arts. They live It is the pinnacle of western culture. Yeah, well, I’m overstating things here, but They live It’s an amazing movie. Carpenter’s only overtly political film, They live Anger Channels on the Reagan Administration to A Twilight ZoneA story of the sort in which the ruling classes are actually aliens who invade the planet through the tools of capitalism, advertising, individualism, and free-willed individualism. The only hope for the planet comes from the lower classes, which opens the eyes of two huge blue-collar workers.

In one of the greatest casting decisions ever, Carpenter chose WWE wrestler Roddy Roddy Piper to play the hero Nada, an ordinary guy who learns about the existence of aliens. Piper basically cuts promos throughout the movie, issuing threats against the bad guys with all the justifiable rage of a man who knows he’s right. Better yet, Carpenter casts the always-characteristic Keith David against Piper, using him as a stand-in for the audience questioning Nada’s claims. Together, the duo transforms people’s collective anger at an unfair system into glorious action sequences, when they’re not fighting each other for six straight minutes.

3. Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

As I write the entry for Big problem in little ChinaI have to tell you, it’s my favorite of the director’s films. However, I can understand why he is not usually considered his best. It is not a pioneer like HalloweenIt’s not as scary as that thingand does not boast of political brutality They live. but Big problem in little China Better than all of Carpenter’s other films in an important way: it’s the most fun to watch yet.

Perfectly combines comedy, fantasy and martial arts. Big problem in little China It also turns the rough-and-tumble action hero trope on its head, giving us one of the most memorable characters ever in useless Jack Burton (Kurt Russell), a blunt John Wayne-like truck driver who repeatedly fumbles a ball when it’s thrown in the road. The crazy showdown with an ancient Chinese magician. With each scene leading to Burton’s final triumph delivering stunning dialogue, standout visuals, and genuine laughs, this is the director and his spirited crew doing their best to create one of the most crowd-pleasing films of the ’80s. Of course, it collapsed.

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