LEGO is gearing up to celebrate 25 years of Star Wars with minifigures and printed anniversary bricks

LEGO is gearing up to celebrate 25 years of Star Wars with minifigures and printed anniversary bricks

2024 will be the 25th anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars theme, and the company is planning to celebrate. Next year’s creations will be branded around the occasion, with some frills turning some already exciting models into unique additions to the collection. From themed box art and printed anniversary bricks to bonus minifigures like LEGO Darth Malak and ARC Trooper Fives, we’ve broken down what to expect below the visual.

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen the LEGO group get very passionate about the Star Wars theme. For good reason, too! It’s the company’s most profitable topic after all, so it makes sense to add a little hype to the mix. We’ve seen some releases centered around the anniversaries of certain films – like the Death Star trailer and this year’s UCS Venator – to name just a few more recent releases.

But there were also some celebrations of the theme in general as well. In 2019, the LEGO Group celebrated 20 years of current LEGO Star Wars sets. It has released a range of sets that take a trip down memory lane to recreate some of the fan-favorite models from the first two decades of the theme. It was a much-loved set of models that we reviewed very favorably four years ago, and now the company is looking to do so again. Well, sort of.

The LEGO Group will celebrate 25 years of Star Wars in a slightly different way come 2024. Instead of simply updating popular releases from the past, the company will apply the celebratory branding to sets it was already planning to release. But there’s more, too.

Box art is the easiest thing the LEGO Group has done, and we expect many sets next year to have some sort of decal celebrating this achievement. This is nothing out of the ordinary for the company at this point, but it will continue what we’ve already seen repeatedly.

Each set is also set to include bricks printed with the 25th anniversary logo. We’ll find out which kits will be included in the celebration in a second, but all of the designs are on the more show-worthy side. So including a brick under a title makes sense.

Finally, there will be some new and exclusive minifigures as well. We expect these to be very similar to the 20th Anniversary minifigures from 2019, although 9to5Toys can’t quite report if they will come with the same type of display stand. Probably not, because the LEGO Group is moving towards including the brand in the actual set and not just in the numbers. Figures will still come with large sized background printing 20 years of LEGO Star Wars Design it.

As of now, there are two sets we can confirm will be at the LEGO Star Wars 25th Anniversary Celebration – and there are more on the way. There’s a new buildable R2-D2 (75379) that will include Darth Malak – a first for LEGO Star Wars. You’ll also find the return of Clone ARC Trooper Fives, who will appear in the Tantive IV Hallway set (75387). This popular Clone is also a brand new release, and has not been included in the set yet.

These two sets are scheduled to be released in March 2024, which looks to be the month the LEGO Group focuses on celebrating. The rest of the kits from the month will likely include some of the same hype, though we’re still waiting for confirmation on what figures will be included. Stay tuned.

For our full recap of LEGO Star Wars 2024 sets, we previously analyzed all the news for the first half of the year. This coverage is still mostly up to date, and we’ll have some additional news about some of these little-known creations to share in the coming days – we’re just waiting for some rumors circulating to be confirmed.

Are you anticipating the 25th Anniversary LEGO Star Wars Darth Malak and ARC Trooper Fives minifigures? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter.

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