Marvel’s Echo: Release date, trailer, cast and more

Marvel's Echo: Release date, trailer, cast and more

Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) It’s never been easy. Introduced as another romantic interest for Matt Murdoch aka Daredevil in the pages of Marvel Comics, the character has bounced around Manhattan in various forms and for various purposes ever since. At one point she even adopted the persona of Ronin – which is why she made her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie hook Disney+ series. As played by Cox, the character made a strong impression on Marvel brass, who quickly greenlit a spin-off series for her. In its final form, sound echo It will be a five-episode miniseries that premieres in one day on both Disney+ and Hulu.

What has changed? Let’s take a look at everything we know about the series and see if we can’t find the moment Maya’s MCU fate changed.

Maya’s journey continues

(Photo by Chuck Zlotnick / © Marvel Studios)

As revealed in hookMaya followed in her father’s footsteps in leading the sportswear mafia. Deaf and using a prosthetic leg, she is a gifted fighter and tactician, but her father’s death leaves her with a vengeful mission: kill Ronin, the cover identity used by Clint (Jeremy Renner) when he became a masked assassin in the Bleep era. . As it turns out, he was eventually led to Maya’s father by Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio), the leader of a New York crime syndicate. But what makes things more complicated is that Fisk considers Maya his niece.

In conclusion hookMaya shot Fisk in the eye and chose to leave him and Manhattan behind. sound echo The thread picks up with Maya on her way to Oklahoma in an attempt to reconnect with the bulk of her Native American family. Of course, escaping the Kingpin is no easy task, as he and several of his companions chase her across the country. And if the trailers for the miniseries are any indication, she’ll have to fight Fisk again.

Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin in Marvel Studios' Echo

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However, along the way, viewers will be introduced to Maya’s extended family, other Oklahoma characters, and will enjoy a visit from Daredevil of Hell’s Kitchen (Charlie Cox – incidentally, no relation to Alaqua). Although it’s intended to be a standalone story away from the cosmic shenanigans of the Multiverse Saga – so no homework is necessary beyond maybe a quick rewatch hook — The presence of Daredevil and Kingpin means some The thoughts may continue into the next show, Daredevil: Born again. But if we are to believe the messages of Disney and Marvel, we can get there sound echo New and enjoy a sadder, R-rated story on TVMA much like Netflix reckless Series of hookChristmas fun or the wonderfully wild special effects of the last few theatrical films.

Of course, rumors persisted that this was a particularly troubled production, and the decision to make it Marvel Studios’ first ongoing offering did nothing to dissuade that sentiment. However, trailers suggest that it might actually be something fans have been asking for since at least that hook Conclusion: An action-packed drama that has nothing to do with the ongoing saga. Will it work? That remains to be seen.

Where the wind sweeps the plain

Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez in Marvel Studios' Echo

(Photo by Chuck Zlotnick / © Marvel Studios)

At the top level, sound echo It is set in the usual 616 universe seen in Most Marvel Studios productions (Loki And Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Being the main exceptions), meaning they have the shared history of the Blip, the Battle of New York, and the events of hook. Some scenes are supposed to take place in Manhattan, but the bulk of the show will be concerned with the small town where Maya’s extended family lives in Oklahoma.

This is a fairly big departure from the urban settings of most Marvel stories. Originally headquartered in New York, Marvel has been big on city life since the Fantastic Four debuted in 1961. Marvel’s film and television efforts have done likewise, so a small-town feel would be something relatively new for the MCU. Additionally, moving the events outside of the New York area means that Maya comes from the Choctaw tribe, adding new specificity to her and her family’s background.

A (mostly) new cast of characters

Zane McClarnon as William Lopez, Devery Jacobs as Bonnie, Graham Greene as Scully, and Tanto Cardinal as Chola Batiste in Marvel Studios' Echo.

(Photo by Chuck Zlotnick / © Marvel Studios)

Along with Cox, D’Onofrio, and Charlie Cox, the series introduces a whole new cast of characters. Chaske Spencer appears as Henry, Devery Jacobs as Bonnie, and Cody Lightning takes over the role of Cousin Biscuits. Additionally, Graham Greene will appear as Scully, with Tanto Cardinal as Chola, and Zane McClarnon will play Maya’s father, William Lopez.

Also, Darnell Bissau will recur as a younger version of Maya.

Little is known about the characters or how they relate to Maya. Some of them will undoubtedly be family, while others live in the city. D’Onofrio’s Fisk and Charlie Cox’s Daredevil are known quantities. Fisk wants Maya and Daredevil back…well, more on that in a bit.

Oddly enough, Maya’s ability to imitate an opponent’s fighting style has been abandoned in favor of highlighting her all-round prowess. However, it remains to be seen whether this means the miniseries will be devoid of any fantastical powers. actually, hook It showed Fisk’s superhuman strength and endurance, a departure from his portrayal in the Netflix series.

And speaking of strange powers, another persistent rumor suggests that Daredevil’s guest spot on the series revolves around him searching for a fellow Defender, the super-powerful Jessica Jones (played by Krysten Ritter in the Netflix series). Jessica Jones series). It’s not clear if this is true or if the character will be seen at all. Given Marvel’s attempts to untangle sound echo Of the constant developments and creative rethinking taking place in Daredevil: Born againIt is possible that this idea has been dropped.

The team behind sound echo

Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez in Marvel Studios' Echo

(Photo by Chuck Zlotnick / © Marvel Studios)

Initially developed by Etan Cohen and Emily Cohen, Marion Dyer and Amy Radin serve as head writers with pilot director Sidney Vreeland also handling part of the creative control. Dyer and Vreeland are also executive producers alongside Kevin Feige, Stephen Broussard, Louis D’Esposito, Brad Winderbaum, Victoria Alonso, Jason Gavin, and Richie Palmer.

The writing team also includes Gavin, Josh Feldman, Stephen B. Goode, Ken Christensen, Elaine Morton, Shoshana Stern, Rebecca Roanhorse, Bobby Wilson, and Chantelle Wells.

Additional crew includes directors of photography Keira Kelly and Magdalena Gorka; editors Joel Bushby and Amelia Alwarden, and costume designers Amber Wrigley and Stacy Caballero; Composer Dave Porter and perpetual soldier Matto.

The miniseries was filmed from April 2022 to August of that year at Marvel’s base of operations in Atlanta, Georgia and other parts of the state. After filming wrapped, rumors of a troubled production surfaced. according to Jeff Snyder on his Hot Mic Podcast, sound echo It was planned as an eight-episode series but was reportedly “unreleaseable” in its original state. Extensive reshoots were requested, and at some point, word began to spread that problems had led to Marvel delaying the film’s release. LokiThe second season and adjusting the theatrical schedule. However, it has since become clear that Marvel’s production issues were more widespread than a single project, as revealed by a Hollywood Reporter article published in October of this year.

For the first time, one of the first

It was originally scheduled to premiere in November 2023, sound echo It will be available in full on January 9, 2024 at 9pm as the first “Marvel Spotlight” issue; A banner intended to point out stories that have little connection to the larger ongoing saga. In another first, the miniseries will be available on both Disney+ and Hulu, highlighting the stronger ties between the two platforms as Disney completes its plans to buy Comcast’s stake in the latter streaming service. However, the show will leave Hulu on April 9, 2024, but will presumably remain in Disney+’s Marvel hub. Meanwhile, the future is long term sound echo Clear: It’s a miniseries with no plans for a second season.

Echo: Season 1
Debuts on Disney+ on Tuesday, January 9.

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