Ranking of James Bond’s opening scenes from worst to best

Ranking of James Bond's opening scenes from worst to best

11. Quantum of Solace (2008)

Daniel Craig’s sophomore outing as James Bond, 2008 What a condolencecaptures moments after his debut Casino Royale finish. With mysterious terrorist mastermind Mr. White (Jesper Christensen) his prisoner, Bond sets off through the winding mountain roads of Italy, closely pursued by White’s deadly accomplices. Without the usual gadgets of his Aston Martin, Bond relies on his expert driving skills and sharp wits as he outwits and outwits his enemies before reaching the safety of Siena.

What a condolence It is the shortest and most paced Bond film to date, running at a brisk 107 minutes compared to the franchise’s usual approximate two-hour running time. The opening car chase is a prime example of the film going leaner and more aggressive than its counterparts, keeping its focus taut and kinetic. What a condolence Ultimately it’s not without its faults, but the pre-title sequence certainly isn’t one of them.

10. For Your Eyes Only (1981)

After launching into outer space Moonraker1981 Just for your eyes It was largely a way to bring Bond and the wider franchise back down to earth, with more danger and spectacle. Before sending 007 on his final mission, the opening resolves one of the biggest problems in the series in the final confrontation between Bond and his arch-enemy Blofeld. Although Blofeld’s identity was never explicitly established on screen due to legal issues surrounding the character, the character’s hallmarks were present before Bond sent the villain to his doom in the factory chimney. Maybe a message to Eon’s legal enemies?

Callbacks to the franchise’s history, in particular On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, are a welcome nod, letting the audience know that this will be a more serious adventure than most of Moore’s Bond appearances. Although the action doesn’t live up to the high standard set by the introductions of Moore’s previous two Bond films, the extended helicopter action keeps viewers spellbound and never overstays its welcome. Despite all its attempts to move forward in a more grounded and abstract way, Just for your eyes The film still has plenty of high-octane action, and its atmospheric opening is a solid showcase for Moore’s strongest Bond role.

9. No Time to Die (2021)

Craig ended his famous tenure as James Bond with the ambitious 2021 film, No time to die, a film that celebrated Craig’s beloved career as a super spy before blowing it up in spectacular fashion. The film begins with the series’ longest prequel title sequence to date, with a flashback to Madeline Swann’s traumatic relationship with the film’s primary antagonist, Leutzefer Safin (Rami Malek), before moving to the present. As Bond tries to settle down with Madeleine (Léa Seydoux) on a romantic vacation in Italy, he is ambushed by SPECTER agents while visiting the grave of his old lover, Vesper Lynd.

A lot of No time to dieCraig’s marketing highlighted the action throughout the dusty Italian streets of the opening, featuring some of the best shots filmed throughout Craig’s entire run of Bond films. From swinging on ancient bridges to unleashing his beloved Aston Martin DB5 twin machine guns against a small army, all the physicality and style for which Craig’s Bond is known is on display. Like the rest of the movie itself, No time to dieThe film’s opening goes on for a bit too long, but it sets the stage beautifully for Craig’s swan song in the role.

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