Redwire successfully delivers a second pair of iROSA solar arrays to augment the International Space Station’s power supply

Redwire successfully delivers a second pair of iROSA solar arrays to augment the International Space Station's power supply

Jacksonville, Florida – (work wire) — Redwire Corporation (NYSE: RDW), a leader in space infrastructure for the next generation of the space economy, today announced that it has successfully delivered the second pair of Solar Power Arrays (iROSA) for the International Space Station to Boeing Corporation, President of NASA. Contractor for space station operations. On-time delivery is followed by acceptance testing consisting of multiple ambient functional diffusions, vibration, cold and hot temperature diffusion. The solar arrays are currently undergoing flight beam integration and are scheduled to be launched on an upcoming commercial resupply flight to the International Space Station (ISS).

Redwire contracts with Boeing to provide iROSA solar arrays to the International Space Station. Redwire is responsible for the design, analysis, manufacture, testing and delivery of six new solar arrays that will increase the power supply to the International Space Station. The first two iROSA solar arrays were installed on the International Space Station in June 2021 and are operating as expected at nominal production.

“Redwire is proud to partner with Boeing to provide the critical power generation technology that powers the International Space Station, which remains the crown jewel of global human spaceflight,” said Tom Campbell, Executive Vice President of Deployable Solutions at Redwire. “These two next iROSA suites will provide a significant energy boost to support the vital work happening on the station, while demonstrating this innovative technology that will enable many public and private sector activities in low Earth orbit, and on and around the lunar surface and beyond.”

Using 30.7% efficient XTJ Prime solar cells from Boeing’s Spectrolab, each iROSA array is one of the most powerful arrays ever built and will provide more than 28 kW of power. Combined, the six new arrays are designed to produce more than 120 kilowatts over 10 years and will significantly improve the ISS’s overall power generation capacity by 20 to 30 percent.

Redwire’s Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA) technology is compact, modular and scalable, making it ideal for use on the International Space Station and other space flight platforms. iROSA uses large, flexible solar arrays with compound arms that roll up for storage, launch and delivery. When installed, each iROSA module unlocks without the need for drives or other equipment, giving iROSA an edge over rigid solar arrays and other traditional technologies. The technology behind iROSA was first demonstrated on the International Space Station in June 2017.

Redwire also produces various modular versions of ROSA for many government and commercial spaceflight applications, including the Power and Propulsion Element for NASA’s Gateway program. ROSA technology is currently enabling NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test mission, which was launched in November 2021.

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