‘RIP in advance’: Bodybuilding world delivers harsh judgment as 21-year-old steroid-boosted fitness influencer goes viral – Essentialsports

'RIP in advance': Bodybuilding world delivers harsh judgment as 21-year-old steroid-boosted fitness influencer goes viral - Essentialsports

In the world of online fitness, it doesn’t take long for a content creator to go viral. However, how the bodybuilding and fitness community responds to viral content depends on what the content creator does. Recently, a 21-year-old bodybuilder blew up on the internet. The young man seemingly came out of nowhere and, within weeks, had established an online presence with hundreds of thousands of followers. But now, there seems to be a chink in the armor.

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Sam Sulik’s young age, coupled with his impressive physique, attracted a lot of attention from the start. However, it went viral because people started speculating that he was taking steroids. Moreover, Solik’s workout techniques and shocking diet plans have also led to discussions among fitness enthusiasts. So when fitness YouTubers Paris Demers He created a video about Sulik’s alleged steroid use, and another discussion ensued. And it wasn’t fun.

The paradoxical results of Sam Sulik’s lifestyle


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On September 7, fitness YouTuber Demers uploaded a short YouTube video about the 21-year-old fitness influencer. Sulik began his sporting journey as a diver. However, he turned to bodybuilding and built a physique in a very short period of time. The fitness influencer also allegedly showed some visible side effects of steroid use. Although he hasn’t admitted to taking steroids, his fellow fitness influencers love it Demers, Greg Doucetteand more are convinced of his steroid use.

Demers began by claiming that the young bodybuilder was making one of the most dangerous mistakes while lifting weights, and continued to use anabolic steroids: “If someone decides to continue taking them, the smart thing to do is to make sure that their training and diet are so well optimized for building muscle that they only need to take a relatively small dose of steroids to see amazing results.” Demers said that Sulik “partial actors” And “ego lift” In the gym does not match his gains.

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Furthermore, as Greg Doucette previously pointed out, Demers also said that Sulik’s diet was less than ideal. “He followed a poorly prepared diet plan, consisting of sugary and processed foods.” Paris Demers said. However, one fitness YouTuber’s stance on Sam Sulik sparked controversy in the comments section.

Bodybuilding Community Discussions: “RIP in advance”


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Most people agreed with Demers’ assessment that the former diver was using massive doses of steroids. “Here to have a good time and not a long time,” A fan stated about Sulek. “RIP in advance” Another said, EchoIn similar feelings. One user even made a grim prediction. “Another death before the age of 27 unless he is more careful and takes it easy. I hope he does. This is not healthy.” They wrote.

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However, not everyone agreed with Demers’ criticism of Sulik’s workout style. “He doesn’t just do parts, you silly man.” one fitness enthusiast commented. Another user wrote a similar comment. “He doesn’t just do the details.” The fan wrote. The fan also explained why Sulek did partial duplicates. “It does full iterations until it reaches failure and then does partial iterations to fail.” he added.


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What do you think of Paris Demers’s assessment of Sam Sulik? Do you agree or disagree with the fitness YouTuber? Tell us in the comments.

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