Russell Brand sued for sexual assault on the set of the “Arthur” movie.

Russell Brand sued for sexual assault on the set of the

Russell Brand sued

You sexually assaulted me…

On the set of films “Arthur”.

Russell Brand He exposed his penis to a woman on a movie set and then sexually assaulted her in the bathroom that same day… according to a new lawsuit.

Russell has been sued by an actress who claims he made her time on the set of “Arthur” a living hell – BTW, this actually represents a new defendant.

In the documents, obtained by TMZ, the woman claims she was on set in July 2010 when Russell exposed his penis to her “in full view of the cast and crew” of the Warner Bros. film.

Accused Russell, who is suing as Jane DoeBefore the alleged assault, he “appeared intoxicated, smelled of alcohol, and was carrying a bottle of vodka on set.”

In the documents, the woman claims that Russell followed her into the bathroom later that same day… where he sexually assaulted her while “a production crew member guarded the door from the outside.”

The woman claims that she still suffers from extreme fear, shame and embarrassment as a result of the alleged incident.

The woman claims in the lawsuit that she was appointed to work on the film for 3 days.. but after the alleged assault occurred on the first day, she was not brought back for the second or third day and was only paid for one day of work.

The woman says she fears she will be blacklisted from Hollywood if her name is linked to a sexual assault allegation against a famous celebrity… and she says she fears retaliation from RB’s loyal followers.

EXCLUSIVE: Russell Brand denies accusations of rape, sexual assault, controlling and emotionally abusive behaviour.

Five women share their stories with @C4Dispatches In a joint investigation with @times.

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As we reported…already messaged He was charged Of sexual misconduct by at least 4 other women…and he’s under Criminal investigation in the UK.

Meanwhile, Brand has maintained his innocence…vehemently denying the allegations and insisting that all sexual relations he was having were consensual.

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