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The Minister of Health, Abdelhak Saihi, stressed today, Wednesday in Algiers, the need to set priorities and set a roadmap for the national network of the cancer registry at each annual meeting in order to improve the quality of information.

In a speech read on his behalf by the Director of Prevention and Health Promotion at the Ministry, Jamal Forar, at the opening of the annual meeting of the National Population Cancer Registry, the Minister called for “encouraging consultation on ways to exchange and share data in order to reliably enhance cancer registry data across the 58 states within the national network.” for records.”

On the occasion, he stressed the importance of “taking into account the basic conditions for its operation and its sustainability through the training of qualified personnel within the framework of collecting information and its reliability and the use of the World Health Organization program used as well by the International Center for Research on Cancer to participate in a global exchange of data within the framework of this research.”

Within the framework of strengthening the national situation and establishing a national cancer database in Algeria, the first official in charge of the sector stated that “the hierarchical organization in the network has been embodied in accordance with Ministerial Decree No. 98 of September 27, 2015, which is centered on regional coordination in the East, Middle and West.”

And he considered that the exploitation of the data of the 2019 records of the national network, which will be presented on the occasion, “is not an exception to the evolutionary trend of cancer in Algeria and the world, given the aging of the population and the lifestyle harmful to health, with the absence of individual and collective responsibility for unhealthy behaviors and environmental risk factors, which the minister described as” the main reason for the epidemiological transformation that took place. Algeria went through it and the burden of these diseases, which burdens the health system.

In this context, Saihi referred to the advanced detection and diagnosis of the disease, which allowed – as he said – to “reduce the death rate after dealing with cases at a stage that can be cured thanks to everyone’s involvement, which made cancer effectively classified as a curable chronic disease.”

He mentioned, according to the data of the World Health Organization, the main causes of cancer and deaths resulting from it, estimated at 70 percent, most of which are in low- and middle-income countries, where, according to the Minister of Health, “one-third of these deaths are due to five main behavioral and dietary risk factors such as smoking, alcohol abuse, unhealthy nutrition, and physical inactivity.” and obesity.”

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