Singer Linda blues: Wait for me soon in the single “Kol Ma Natafikr” – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

Singer Linda blues: Wait for me soon in the single

  • I am not looking for millions of views but audience love

  • I am not thinking of participating in talent shows

  • The art scene accommodates everyone, and we are not in a market to quarrel over who takes someone’s place!

  • I have my own style and tone and I like romantic songs.

She has a beautiful and sweet voice, and she has a special singing character that lovers of unique and beautiful music love. Her smile does not leave her face, with a jovial love for others.. She is that high-end artist who only has her fans, art and singing. Which was singled out by the magazine “Al-Hiwar” that she is the daughter of the artistic family that pushed her to love art, especially singing, and she also stated that the song “Everything We Think” is the song that is close to her story.

Her interlocutor/ Hajira Skinawi

  • Welcome, Linda blues, to the pages of the Algerian Al-Hiwar magazine, how do you introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi there, Thank you for your kind hosting, Linda Blues is a singer and actress, who only lives for her art and the love and passion she shares with her loyal fans and fans.

  • How did you get started with singing and who discovered your talent?

In fact, my mother was a singer, and my uncles accompanied her on guitar and drums, and my maternal grandfather was a close friend of Khalifi Ahmed, so I was always immersed in art, and that is why I chose my profession as a singer.

  • Why did you choose the nickname “blues” for yourself and what does it mean?

“Blues” is the origin of all music and I am a fan of this music genre.

Blues music is one of the most famous types of music in the world. It emerged from the depths of workshops in the south of the United States of America in the early twentieth century by African Americans, and it symbolizes depression and sadness.

  • Linda “Blues” Even though you choose your lyrics carefully and take the time to release songs, on YouTube you don’t get the viewership that a downgrade song does.. Why do you think?

I am not looking to get millions of views or followers, or rather this is not my goal at all, I share my love and what I do with people, and people who love my art and music, and I prefer to have a small audience that follows me and follows what I publish and my new art, better than To have millions for trivial matters, the pursuit of negative buzz, and this is what we are seeing today, as this has become a fashion in our days, unfortunately.

  • What do you think of the conflict between the old and the new generation?

For me, there is no struggle, because the art scene opens its door to everyone and accommodates everyone without exception, whether from the new or the old generation. We make art and present it with passion and love, and we do not sell bread to talk about quarrels and who took the place of whom. Indeed, the artist has overcome this race and every artist has to focus only in his art.

  • Linda Blues is a theater graduate. What did theater add to your singing career?

Theater has added a lot to my life, and it is part of it, because when I sing, I translate and express my feelings, and theater allows me to stand with confidence and release all my feelings.

  • Lots of singers have broken into acting. Does Linda blues see herself in acting?

Artist Being fond of art, all artists have the right to thrive in the art they love.

  • Have you thought about participating in Arab or international talent programs such as “Arabs’ Got Talent” or the Voice?

Honestly, I got this idea out of my head and I’m not thinking about it now.

  • Who do you listen to linda blues for?

I’m listening to the American and international artist, Beyoncé Knowles.

  • Do you attend parties, festivals, evening parties…?

We don’t prepare or show up, we wait to be called by the event organizers to share our art with the audience.

  • Of your songs, what is the one closest to your heart or the song through which you tell your story?

Each song has its own flavor, but the song that will be released soon is closest to my heart, under the title “Everything we think about.”

  • What is the lyrical nature of Linda Blues? What about the romantic song?

I have a special character and tone of voice only for Linda blues, and I definitely like romantic songs.

  • Are you releasing your singles instead of an album? When will Linda Blues release her album?

I prefer to release each song separately, rather than releasing “singles” and then putting it all together in an album.

  • What are you attending and what are your future projects?

I am preparing for the release of the single “Koma Nafaker”.

  • last word ..

Greetings to you and all the readers of Al-Hiwar magazine. I hope that my latest song will gain the admiration of the broad audience, and I hope that this low level of social networking sites will rise a little, and we will end the buzz mentality, and I say to my fans and my fans from this platform, take care of yourselves and your health … I love you all.

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