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Watch the Morocco and Croatia match, broadcast live on 11-23-2022, the 2022 World Cup

Watch the Morocco and Croatia match, broadcast live on 11-23-2022, the 2022 World Cup The Moroccan national team meets the Croatian national team in the first round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, and in the first match in the tournament, the two teams want to win and a great start in the competition for the great title. Better than the World Cup in Russia.

Watch the Morocco and Croatia match, broadcast live on 11-23-2022, the 2022 World Cup

The Moroccan national team enters the match with the aim of winning and getting the three important points to qualify for the 16th round of the World Cup, and because the Moroccan national team presented a modest version in the previous World Cup, it now wants to prove itself and win in its first match. Group E is considered a difficult group, as it contains strong and international teams such as Croatia And Belgium, but there is hope for qualification. The Moroccan national team presents international and wonderful levels, as it did not suffer a loss in the last five matches that it played before going to Qatar, as it drew in two matches and won in three matches.

Follow-up match Morocco and Croatia broadcast live in the World Cup

Croatia enters today’s match with high aid, as it is the runner-up of the last edition of the tournament, and it lost to the French team in the final with a score of 4-2. The Croatian team, whose golden generation is playing its last tournament, which wants it to be a wonderful tournament and relies on great stars such as Ivan Rakitic and Modric, the two players who They presented impressive levels in the last matches they played in the European Nations League, in which they won all, and the last match they played against Saudi Arabia ended with a 1-0 victory, with the goal of Andrej Kramaric.

The expected squad for the Croatian national team against Morocco in the World Cup

To avoid a loss from the Moroccan national team, which cannot be easily defeated, so it needs a strong and effective squad like the squad that it played in the last friendly match against Saudi Arabia, so it is expected that Croatia will play with the following squad:

Goalkeeper: Levakovic

Defense line: Stalitsch – Lovren – Erlich – Barisic

Midfield: Brozović – Modric – Mayer

Offensive line: Bazalic – Vlasic – Petkovic

The Croatian national team, which has a strong and distinct midfield and homogenous elements, makes it play in a beautiful way and achieve good and wonderful results in matches, and this is what is expected of it in this edition of the World Cup and its first match against the Moroccan national team.

The expected line-up for the Moroccan national team against Croatia in the World Cup

The victorious Moroccan team in its last match against Georgia, which ended with a 3-0 victory, and the squad in which the Moroccan team played was successful and a difference-maker. Therefore, the Moroccan team is expected to play as follows:

Goalkeeper: Yassine Bounou

Defense line: Atiyatallah – Akrad – Hakimi – Gibran – Sayes

Midfield: Otahi – Ziyech

Offensive line: Boufal – Hamdallah – Salt

The Moroccan fans are waiting for the Moroccan team to present an honorable championship in the tournament, after the disappointing performance in the African Cup of Nations, and this is the opportunity for the Moroccan team.

The date of the match between Morocco and Croatia in the World Cup

The Morocco match will be played at 1:00 noon Mecca best time and 12:00 noon Egyptian time, and now you can watch the Morocco and Cortia match on BN Sport Max 1, be in sport max 1, and this channel broadcasts all matches in the Qatar World Cup 2022, he wishes Koura Live for you to enjoy watching.

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