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The result of the Argentina and Saudi Arabia match, broadcast live on 11-22-2022, the 2022 World Cup

Watch the Argentina and Saudi Arabia match, broadcast live on 11-22-2022, the 2022 World Cup In an expected meeting, Saudi Arabia will meet Argentina in the first match in Group Three of the FIFA World Cup Qatar, and this match is considered one of the expected matches because it brings together the Saudi Arabia team and the strong Argentina team, which is a strong candidate to win the title, and the match will be played at Lusail Stadium, one of the largest Country stadiums.

Watch the Argentina and Saudi Arabia match, broadcast live on 11-22-2022, the 2022 World Cup

Amidst the encouragement and great hopes of the Argentine fans, the Argentine national team will play the match for a new and wonderful start to the tournament, and try to achieve a victory over Saudi Arabia, which seems a relatively easy task for Messi and his companions. What makes the Argentine football fans optimistic is the recent results of the Argentine national team. It has won the last five matches and has a long record without losing. It won the Copa America title last year. The Argentine national team won the World Cup on two occasions in 1978 over the Dutch team and in In 1986, the German national team was eliminated in the round of 16 in front of the French national team, losing 4-2.

Follow the Argentina and Saudi Arabia match broadcast live

The Saudi team qualified for the World Cup for the sixth time in its history and the second time in a row. The Saudi team collided with the strong Argentine team, and Saudi Arabia was not lucky with this group. The third group is considered one of the strongest groups in the World Cup. Today’s Saudi match today is considered a difficult match for the Saudi team, but they believe in the ability to provide The match was good. The Saudi national team did not win in its last five matches except in one match, and this raises doubts and fear among the Saudi fans. The Saudi national team was eliminated from the group stage in the World Cup in Russia, and the opening tournament was between Saudi Arabia and Russia, and it ended with a loss of 5-0. You will see Live broadcast of the Argentina and Saudi Arabia match without cutting.

Argentina squad against Saudi Arabia in the World Cup

The Argentine national team, which has players of great quality, is expected to play with the same squad that it played in the friendly match against the Emirates, and the squad is in a 4-4-2 manner, and this squad is as follows:

Goalkeeper: Martinez

Defense line: Foyth – Awatamendi – Martinez – Acholet

Midfield: Di Maria – Paredes – Martinez – McAllister

Offensive line: Lionel Messi – Julian Alvarez

The great reliance in the match is on Lionel Messi to win the title, scoring and assisting goals.

Saudi squad against Argentina in the World Cup

The Saudi national team, which has strong and experienced elements, who are reliable in the tournament, and the national team is as follows:

Goalkeeper: Al Owais

Defense line: Abdul Hamid – Al-Amri – Al-Bulayhi – Al-Shahrani

Midfield: Al-Buraikan – Muhammad Kno – Al-Maliki – Al-Dosari

Offensive line: Al-Faraj – Al-Shehri

Coach Hervé Renard believes that this line-up is best suited to stop Lionel Messi.

The date of the Argentina and Saudi Arabia match

The match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia will be played at 1:00 pm Mecca time and 12:00 pm Egyptian time, the match will be shown on BN Sport Max 1 be in sport max 1, and the two teams have faced each other before in one match and ended in a positive draw.

The match ended with Saudi Arabia winning 2-1

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