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The result of the France-Poland match, broadcast live, koora live, on 12-04-2022, the 2022 World Cup

Watch the France-Poland match, broadcast live, koora live, on 12-04-2022, the 2022 World Cup Kora Live presents you with the Netherlands and the United States match today, to calculate the final price of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, and now the match accounts are different from the group stage matches. With the match and qualifying for the quarter-finals and avoiding exiting the final price round of the tournament, the winning team from the match will face the winning team from the England-Senegal match in the quarter-finals.

Watch the France-Poland match, broadcast live, the 2022 World Cup

France enters the match against Poland to win the start of the knockout matches and continue the campaign to defend the title. The French team qualified from Group D as leaders, after it defeated Australia in its first match 4-2 and witnessed the brilliance of Kylian Mbappe, who also starred in the second match when France defeated Denmark with a score of 2-0, in the third match, which France plays, and it has decided to qualify for the next round of the tournament and lost to Tunisia with a goal without a response. France wants to win the second consecutive championship and the third in its history, and France won the World Cup in 1998, which was held In France, then it won the World Cup in Russia in 2018, and it is now on its way to the third championship. Will it succeed in that?

Follow-up to the France-Poland match, broadcast live, Kora Live

The Polish team, which qualified as the runner-up in Group C and qualified with Argentina from the group, the Polish team was never convincing in the group stage and did not provide the desired levels in the tournament, and many analysts believe that Poland qualified for the next round unworthily, but you see that Poland qualified because of the way of playing Realism, and this is what we saw in Poland’s second match, which was against Saudi Arabia, which attacked Poland and missed many goals. Poland benefited from defensive mistakes in Saudi Arabia and scored two goals. Poland tied in its first match against Mexico without goals, and in the second match the Polish team lost 2 -0 In front of the Argentines, who took possession of the ball length and width, and Poland could not do anything in the match. Will we see Poland play well against the powerful France, which will not miss any opportunity to score?

The expected formation of France against Poland today in the 2022 World Cup

France will play with the following squad:

Goalkeeper: Lloris

Defense line: Conde – Varane – Upamecano – Hernandez

Midfield: Chowameni – Rabiot

Offensive line: Dembele – Griezmann – Mbappe – Jiro.

The expected formation of Poland against France today in the 2022 World Cup

Goalkeeper: Chesney

Defense line: Cash – Glick – Cure – Berezinsky

Midfield: Zielinski – Bilik – Krechojak – Frankowski

Offensive line: Lewandowski – Swedricki.

The date of the France and Poland match today, the 2022 World Cup

You can follow Live broadcast of the France-Poland match Koora live, the France-Poland match will be played today, Wednesday 4/12/2022, at 6:00 pm Mecca Al-Mukarramah local time and 5:00 pm Egyptian time, and you will watch the match on BN Sport Max 1, be in sport max 1, and via the channel BN Sport 4K be in sport 4k.

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