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Watch the Rayo Vallecano and Valencia match, broadcast live, football goal, today 03-04-2023 in the Spanish League

Koora Goal presents a presentation for the Spanish Football League Championship, which will be held for the year 2023, and today the expected meeting and match will be held between Rayo Viecano club against Valencia club valencia-vs-rayo-vallecano in a confrontation that the world awaits this evening, Monday, the “Mestia” stadium will host a match from Heavy caliber, within the competitions of the twenty-seventh round of the Spanish League, Rayo Vallecano club enters this match while it occupies the eighth place in the Spanish League and presents a wonderful performance and excellent performances this season and will seek to gain three important points that bring it closer to the front positions, because the team will fight On his qualification card to the European Conference Championship, today he will try hard to present a satisfactory performance to the fans and win, as it is a match that cannot be divided into two. Valencia enters the match and is determined to achieve a surprise and a positive result and try to overthrow the club, Rayo Vallecano. The team plays with full concentration and exploits the skill of its players in counterattacks. And that is to surprise the team, Rayo Vallecano, achieve victory, and try to reap this victory and achieve an important victory in order to compete for the rest in the Spanish League, so the stadium will be full and an exceptional atmosphere in this great event. Live broadcast of the Rayo Vallecano and Valencia kooragoal match.

Rayo Vallecano and Valencia football match

Valencia club enters this match excited to face Rayo Vallecano club, and the club, which is not living its best period and is going through a difficult season, seeks to raise its morale and achieve a victory that will be very important if achieved in this season, and today’s club will seek to win this confrontation, grab attention and achieve a surprise and Valencia club needs every point for the rest in the league and not to be relegated, and Valencia club had played its last match against Atletico Madrid in the last round of the Spanish League championship, which ended with Atletico Madrid winning 3 goals to nothing, broadcast live Valencia match today.

The date of the Rayo Vallecano and Valencia match, Kora Live

Rayo Vallecano club enters the match determined to achieve a positive result against Valencia club in a match that appears easy on paper in favor of Rayo club, which is expected to be an affordable confrontation for Rayo, and Rayo Vallecano club enters this match in a difficult experience with Valencia club and will try to achieve victory as well to get On the three points and close to seventh place, and it was the last match for Rayo Viecano against Girona for the last round of the Spanish League championship, which ended in a positive draw with two goals for each team, the match between Rayo Viecano and Valencia kora goal.

The date and channel for the Rayo Vallecano-Valencia match

10:00 pm Saudi time

9:00 pm Cairo time.

As for the channel broadcasting the match, BN Sport channels were chosen to broadcast the match

Rayo Vallecano expected lineup

You will include in the goalkeeper: Dmitrovsky.

In the line of defence: Hernandez, Leguine, Katina, Garcia.

And in the midfield: Valentin, Komsania, Trego.

In the offensive line: Balazon, Cameo, Garcia.

Valencia club expected lineup

You will include in the goalkeeper: Sheveli.

And in the line of defense: Vaucleier, Paulista, Diakhaby, Lato.

And in the midfield: Musa, Giamon, Almeida.

And in the offensive line: Castejo, Doro, Leno.

Rio Vallecano

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