Summary of the Argentina and France match, koora live, today 12-18-2022, the 2022 World Cup Final

Summary of the Argentina and France match, koora live, today 12-18-2022, the 2022 World Cup Final

Watch the Argentina and France match, broadcast live, koora live, on 12-18-2022, the 2022 World Cup Koura Live offers you koora live The Argentina-France match broadcast live, and this match is not like any other match, because it is a final world Cup Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, and the match is considered a strong and fiery match, due to the strength of the two opponents today, which makes it difficult to predict the winning team in the match, because every match has its own calculations and circumstances, and because this match is the most important match in the tournament, the live broadcast was presented here for free and to watch the match that Two high-caliber players compete with Lionel Messi with Argentina, and Kylian Mbappe with France, who scored five goals in the tournament, and the competition between them for the title of the tournament’s top scorer is great.

Summary of the Argentina and France match, broadcast live, the 2022 World Cup Final

To search for the third star, Argentina, led by its star Lionel Messi, enters today’s match, which is considered one of the most important matches of Argentina and the most important matches in the career of Argentina, Lionel Messi, because it is the World Cup final, which Argentina wants to win for the first time after an absence of 36 years. The Argentine national team presents impressive levels in the tournament After the loss in the first match from Saudi Arabia with two goals to one, the team played more seriously and it was noted that the loss had a great reason for Argentina reaching the final of the tournament. Leader of the group, the Argentina national team defeated Australia in the final price with two goals to one, then qualified from the quarter-final round with difficulty with the Dutch team, which ended in normal and extra time with a draw with two goals for the same, then victory by penalty kicks, in the semi-finals, Argentina succeeded in defeating Croatia with three goals to qualify for the final Argentina’s opponent is not an easy opponent, because France has great stars and is the champion of the last edition of the tournament.

Follow-up to the Argentina-France match, broadcast live, Kora Live

The terrifying team of the opponents, France enters the match, and its goal is no different from the goal of the opponent, as it is looking for the third star and the second successive victory in the World Cup, and one match separates them from that. France has many great stars who were credited with winning the last edition of the World Cup, but the opponent Today in the final is not like the opponent in the past, as Argentina is a strong team and it is not possible to predict what it will do in the match. France defeated Australia in its first match with four goals to one, then defeated Denmark with two goals to one. In the third round, France lost to Tunisia with a goal without a response, but Despite that, it qualified for the next round as the leader of the group. In the final price round, the match was easy for the French team after defeating Poland with three goals to one. In the quarter-finals, France defeated England with two goals to one. In the semi-finals, France beat Morocco, the black horse of the tournament, with two goals. Without a response, now France’s task is not easy, because the opponent, the Argentine national team, will give everything he has and will take out all his weapons to win the World Cup, and Didi Deschamps knows that they are Argentina’s weapons. Lionel Messi, who will work to stop Messi in any way.

The expected formation of Argentina against France today in the World Cup final

Goalkeeper: Martinez

Defense line: Molina – Romero – Otamendi – Tagliafco

Midfield: De Paul – Paredes – Fernandez – Mac Alistair

Offensive line: Messi – Alvarez.

The expected formation of France against Argentina today, the final of the 2022 World Cup

France will play with the following squad:

Goalkeeper: Lloris

Defense line: Conde – Varane – Konate – Hernandez

Midfield: Tshwamini – Fofana

Offensive line: Dembele – Gersmann – Mbappe – Jiro.

The date of the 2022 World Cup final between Argentina and France

You can follow Live broadcast of the match between Argentina and France Koora live, the Argentina and France match will be played today, Sunday 12/18/2022, at 6:00 pm Mecca Al-Mukarramah local time and 5:00 pm Egyptian time, and you will watch the match on BN Sport Max 1, be in sport max 1, and via the channel BN Sport 4K be in sport 4k.

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