The Four Children of Ethan Hawke: Everything you need to know

The Four Children of Ethan Hawke: Everything you need to know

Ethan Hawke is the father of four children.

The actor shares two children – Maya Hawke and Levon Roan Thurman-Hawke – with actress Uma Thurman, with whom he was married from 1998 to 2005. He is also the father of Clementine Jane Hawke and Indiana Hawke, whom he welcomed with his wife Ryan Shawkee Hawke.

Ethan said his children give his life a new meaning, saying, “This wonderful thing about children is that they just need you every day. It gives you a balance in your life. Meaning your whole life isn’t just about yourself.” He also previously described fatherhood as “the greatest joy of my life” and said that being a father was “the only role that if I failed I would consider my life a failure”.

In spite of moon knight A illustrious actor’s career, he says that his children are “not fans” of some of his films.

“They all watched White Canine That day, he told PEOPLE. I’m in every shot of this movie, and an hour and 15 minutes in I’m, “How do you guys like it?” And they’re like, ‘It’s okay. when will you come? I got really hurt. I mean, am I even unrecognizable? And they were like, ‘What do you mean?’ And I said, ‘That crooked-toothed!’ ‘Oh! That’s you?’ ”

However, his profession still seemed to affect his children, as few of them followed in his footsteps and began to act on their own. Ethan and his eldest daughter Maya are set to screen together in the upcoming rom-com.

Read on to find out all about the four children of Ethan Hawke.

Maya Hawke, 24

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Ethan welcomed his daughter Maya Hawke with his ex-wife Thurman on July 8, 1998. Like her parents, Maya is an actress, best known for her role as Robin Buckley in Weird things. She got her start on screen playing Joe Marsh in the BBC 2017 edition of little Women.

“It is one of the best moments of my life while I watch it a little WomenEthan told People about his daughter’s debut in the 2018 movie. You didn’t do a good job, you did a great job. To see your child thrive, and to see her thrive in a profession that she respects so much, to which I have dedicated my life, I was so proud of her.”

In 2020, Maya worked alongside her father in the Showtime Limited series Good Lord Birdappears as Annie Brown, daughter of Ethan Hawke’s character John Brown.

Talking to Entertainment WeeklyMaya said, “Working with my father has been wonderful. I wish to work with my father all my life. He is my greatest teacher and my greatest advisor, and it is an honor to work with him.”

Bruce Glickas / Bruce Glickas / Movie Magic

Maya also had a dream role in 2019 Once upon a time in HollywoodAnd the Working with director Quentin Tarantino, who has a long working relationship with her actress mother.

“I’ve never been in a location where everyone there was just as excited to be there as the actors and directors and everyone else,” she told People at the movie’s premiere in Los Angeles.

Despite her mother’s connections to Tarantino, Maya said her father helped her land the role.

“I got auditioned for the project through regular channels through my agents and did an audition in my bedroom with my parents,” Maya said. The Hollywood Reporterdetailing the process of landing her role as a flower child in the film.

She said about her parents in an interview with: “I always manage decisions by them.” The Wall Street Journal. “They both have similar levels of success but really different experiences on the job.”

“I think this is the biggest advantage [I have], that I have information about pitfalls and good things. “I hope that will prevent me from making some mistakes that young actors can make.”

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The counseling channel runs both ways between Maya and her father.

Ethan Hawke said in an interview published in the newspaper Los Angeles Times. “It’s not exactly the journey that some people might think.”

Maya, a singer and songwriter, also credits her father for helping her find her passion for music.

“So, when I was with my dad, we used to spend a lot of time together playing guitar, singing songs, writing poetry and drawing late at night,” she said. as if magazine. “He was figuring out how to fully engage with a child. I was the kid who wasn’t interested in sports, so he had to interact with me in creative ways. This is where I built my connection to art, and art is a tool of communication.”

Maya’s second album, mossReleased in September 2022.

Levon Roan Thurman-Hawke, 20

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Levon Rowan Thurman-Hawk is Ethan’s second child with Thurman. The husband welcomed him on January 15, 2002.

Levon is immersed in the world of fashion, often accompanying his mother to fashion events such as the Dior fashion shows.

He is also an actor, who has appeared in anthology dramas on Apple TV + crowded room Along with actors such as Tom Holland and Emmy Rossum. Levon is also set to star in Zoë Kravitz’s directorial debut Pussy Island.

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When Levon isn’t doing acting or attending fashion shows, he often sits on the court at sporting events with his dad. At the 2015 NBA All-Star Game, he had Ethan Levon switch seats with him so he could sit next to Rihanna.

Clementine Jane Hawk, 14

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Born Clementine Jane Hawke in July 2008, he is Ethan’s first child with his wife Ryan.

When Clementine was still a baby in 2010, he told Ethan that his eldest daughter, Maya, had been helping with babysitting.

“Maya is about to turn 12, so she’s getting on really well with the baby,” Ethan said at the time.

Talking to People at the 2010 Manhattan Premiere Brooklyn eliteIn this article, the actor spoke about the difficulties of reconciling acting and parenting life.

“Anyone who’s a parent who wants to live a professional life knows that,” Hawke said. “It’s a struggle…always a balance.”

In 2021, Clementine joined his father Ethan in front of the camera during the 36th Santa Barbara International Film Festival where he presented the Montecito Award to actress Amanda Seyfried.

Like his other children, Ethan said Clementine wasn’t particularly interested in any of his acting projects – until he starred in 2022. moon knight.

“My 13-year-old son saw moon knight trailer and suddenly Kony was a real actor for her,” he told PEOPLE. She saw it on her phone, she’s like “Dad, this looks really good”. I mean her eyes are just gone [wide]; You couldn’t believe it. “That’s what kids talk about at school.” So this is the first one [impressed] to her.”

Indiana Hawk, 11

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In July 2011, Ethan welcomed his second child with Ryan, a daughter named Indiana.

Like her father and older brothers, Indiana also appears to have had an early passion for music. While social distancing in 2020, she shared a family singing with Ethan, Maya, Levonne, and Clementine. Older sister Maya led the way with vocals for “To Live Is to Fly,” where Indiana and Clementine joined in the harmonies while Ethan and Levon played guitars.

On Easter Sunday 2022, Ethan Hawke shared a rare photo of him and his two young daughters, with the caption: “Nature does its work. Happy Easter and Happy Spring to all.”

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