The result of the Qatar and Ecuador match, broadcast live, koora live, on 11-21-2022, the 2022 World Cup

The result of the Qatar and Ecuador match, broadcast live, koora live, on 11-21-2022, the 2022 World Cup

Watch the Qatar and Ecuador match, broadcast live, koora live, on 11-21-2022, the 2022 World Cup Al Bayt Stadium opens its doors for the first matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, and this match brings together the hosts of the tournament, the Qatari national team and the Ecuadorian national team. The eyes of the world will turn to the Qatar-Ecuador match, which will convey to us the experience of Qatar hosting the most important sporting event in the world. Which will be a unique and unique experience, especially as it is played in an Arab country for the first time.

Live broadcast of the Qatar and Ecuador match

Watch the Qatar and Ecuador match, broadcast live, koora live, on 11-21-2022, the 2022 World Cup

In its first participation in the World Cup, the Qatari national team is playing to provide everything possible to win today’s match. Why not while it has been preparing for years to play in the tournament and reach what can be reached in the tournament, although the balance is somewhat balanced between the two teams, but there is optimism about victory.

Qatar national team against Ecuador, winning today’s match is of great importance, as the task is not easy in the upcoming matches, because the first group has strong teams such as the Dutch national team and the African champion Senegal, but Akram Afif and his companions know the great responsibility that they have and will do their best in today’s match and matches Coming against the Netherlands and Senegal, the Annabi team wants to continue achieving the impressive results that it achieved in the last five matches, the last of which was against the Albanian national team, winning it 1-0.

Watch the Qatar and Ecuador match broadcast live

In the first tests facing the Ecuadorian national team, the Ecuadorians play the match knowing the difficulty of the task in front of the Qatari national team. The Ecuadorian national team did not succeed in winning the last five matches except in one match against Cape Verde, and it scored only one goal. Therefore, there is doubt about the ability of the Ecuadorian attack to reach the goal. Annabi, but the Argentine coach Gustavo Alfaro will work to increase the effectiveness of the Ecuadorian attack in the match. Only one match brought together the Qatar and Ecuador national teams, which ended with the victory of the Qatari national team with a score of 4-3, so the Ecuadorian national team will play to avoid what happened in the last match and win the match Today, especially since the three points will make the team’s chances of qualifying for the second round very great.

The expected line-up for the Qatar national team in the Ecuador match

It is expected that the Spanish coach, Philippe Sanchez, will adopt the same line-up that he played in many of the previous friendly matches, by adopting the 4-3-3 method of playing, in leading the Al-Mazali attack and supported by his teammate Akram Afif and Ahmed Alaa El-Din in the attacking midfield. Musab will play in the defense line. Khader, Tariq Salman, Abdul Karim Hassan and Hammam Al-Amin, in the middle, Mustafa Tariq, Ali Assad and Karim Boudiaf, finally play goalkeeper Saad Al-Sheeb.

Ecuador’s expected lineup against Qatar

He will depend on the first goalkeeper of the Ecuadorian national team, Hernán Galendez, to guard the goal in the Qatar match. The Ecuadorian national team will play with a defense line that brings together Felix Torres, Pietro Hincapie, Robert Arboleda and Revis Astopinan, in order to stop the Qatar attack, which will pose a great danger to Ecuador. In the midfield, he will play as Nobu, Angel Mina and Jeremy Sarmiento and Moises Caicedo. In the attack, Michael Estrada and Inner Valencia will play, and this squad is expected to win against the Qatari team.

The date of the Qatar and Ecuador match

The opening of the World Cup will be played between Qatar and Ecuador on the date of Sunday, 11/20/2022, at 7:00 pm Mecca Al-Mukarramah time and 6:00 pm Egypt time. The channel that broadcasts the Qatar-Ecuador match is the beIN Sport open channel, be in sport hd. We wish you Enjoy watching the Qatar-Ecuador match on Koura Live.

The match ended with the Ecuadorian national team winning 2-0 over the match host, the Qatar national team.

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