The result of the Senegal and Netherlands match, broadcast live on 11-21-2022, the 2022 World Cup

Watch the Senegal and Netherlands match, broadcast live, koora live, on 11-21-2022, the 2022 World Cup

Watch the Senegal and Netherlands match, broadcast live, koora live, on 11-21-2022, the 2022 World Cup In one of the strongest World Cup matches in the round, Senegal meets the Netherlands, and this match is the second group A match at Tamama Stadium, one of the most beautiful stadiums in the World Cup. Europe.

Watch the Senegal and Netherlands match, broadcast live, koora live, on 11-21-2022, the 2022 World Cup

After suffering a heavy blow due to the absence of the first star of Senegal, Sadio Mane, due to injury, the Lions of Alternaga will play to win and bypass the strong Netherlands team, as they know that the task is not easy. By qualifying for the World Cup against the same strong opponent, due to his great star Sadio Mane, the absence of the Bayern Munich star will affect the performance of the Senegal national team, but that will not reduce their chances of winning the match. The idea of ​​​​football does not recognize numbers. The last match that Senegal played before the World Cup was against the Iranian national team It ended in a 1-1 draw.

Follow-up to the Netherlands and Senegal match broadcast live

The Netherlands national team enters today’s match, aspiring for the three points, to prove its presence in the World Cup, and to try to win the title for the first time in its history. Many analysts believe that the Dutch national team is the first candidate to qualify and get first place in Group A, and relies on the veteran Dutch coach Van Gaal to provide a great level And winning his first match in the tournament, he has many options and great players such as Liverpool defender VanDyke and Barcelona stars Memphis Depay and Luc de Jong. The Netherlands national team has won four out of the last five matches, and those results are wonderful and call for optimism to win and qualify early.

The expected line-up for the Netherlands against Senegal

Coach Van Gaal is expected to rely on Remko Pasvir in goalkeeping, and in the defense line he will play Urian Timmer – Matthias Delcht – Virgil van Dyck – Daley Blind, while in the midfield he will play Davy Claassen – Xavi Simmons – Ferenc Diong, in the offensive line he will play Memphis Depay – Noah Lang – Cody Jakobo This formation is the best squad for the Dutch national team to play against Senegal, which depends on keeping the ball for a longer period of time and reaching the Senegal goal through short passes.

The expected line-up for the Senegal national team

To stop the Dutch national team and overcome it, it is possible that the Senegal national team will play Deng in the goalkeeper and in the offensive line. Mendy will play in the right-back position and Jacques in the left-back position in the heart of defense. In the offensive line, Diata – Dia – Demba Thiam, who will play the role of the absent player due to Sadio Mane’s injury, the Senegalese players are characterized by great physical strength, which is an important factor, in favor of the Senegalese team in today’s match.

What time does the Netherlands vs Senegal match start?

The date of the Netherlands and Senegal match is today, Monday 11/21/2022, at 7:00 Mecca time and 6:00 Egyptian time, and you will watch the match on BN Sport Max 1, be in sport max 1, Live broadcast Netherlands and Senegal To watch the match and enjoy the 2022 Qatar World Cup matches via Kora Live.

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