Watch the Germany-Japan match, broadcast live on 11-23-2022, the 2022 World Cup

Watch the Germany-Japan match, broadcast live on 11-23-2022, the 2022 World Cup

Watch the Germany-Japan match, broadcast live on 11-23-2022, the 2022 World Cup The German national team meets the Japanese national team in their first match in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, Group F is considered one of the strongest groups in the World Cup, and therefore it is natural to see a strong match at the beginning of the World Cup that brings together the German national team and the Japanese national team, and the match promises us great fun And many goals.

Watch the Germany-Japan match, broadcast live on 11-23-2022, the 2022 World Cup

Germany enters today’s match and ambition is a good start to the World Cup, and victory over Japan, which will not be an easy match for the German machines. The lackluster performance and failure to qualify for the round of 16, and the opponent that defeated Germany in that version was the Korean team that surprised everyone and defeated the Germans, and the German team does not want to suffer a loss from the Koreans’ neighbor, and the German team in previous matches won only two out of five games it played In friendly matches and the European Nations League.

Watch the Germany-Japan match in the World Cup broadcast live

The Japanese team is in the first match in the tournament against a strong opponent, and this is Japan’s misfortune in this tournament, but the Japanese team will not give up and will present a good level, because the Japanese players are characterized by their fast play and experience. The Japanese team always succeeds in qualifying for the round of 16 of the World Cup, but The competition in this tournament will be great because of the strength of Group F, and the strength of the competition between Germany, Spain, Japan and Costa Rica. The Japanese team won two of the last five matches it played before going to Qatar and playing the World Cup. It will try to repeat the achievement achieved by the Korean team in the last version and succeeded in Beat the German team and get it out of the group stage.

Germany’s expected squad against Japan in the World Cup

Germany coach Flick is expected to adopt this squad to win the match, and this squad is as follows:

Goalkeeper: Neuer

Defense line: Klostermann – Kerr – Jeter – Raum

Midfield: Gundogan – Goriska – Havertz

Offensive line: Hoffmann – Sani – Mukoko

This is the squad that the German national team played in its match against Oman before traveling to Qatar to play in the World Cup.

Japan’s expected lineup against Germany in the World Cup

The Japanese national team will play the match with the same squad that it played in its friendly match against Canada, as follows:

Goalkeeper: Gonda

Defense line: Sakai – Itakura – Taiguchi – Ito

Midfield: Tataka – Chisaki – Minamino

Offensive line: Sama – Kubo – Asalo

The Japanese national team is one of the strongest Asian teams, and it is relied upon to honor the continent of Asia, although the Asian teams did not perform a good and wonderful level in this World Cup.

The date of the Germany and Japan match in the World Cup

The Germany-Japan match will be played at 4:00 pm Mecca time and 3:00 pm Egypt time, Live broadcast of Germany and Japan match Which you follow on the BN Sport Max 1 channel, be in sport max 1.

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