Shock in Bayern Munich because of its player

Shock in Bayern Munich because of its player

The German newspaper Al-Bild revealed that German international star Gamal Musiala has suffered a severe injury with Bayern Munich and will therefore be absent for quite a while from the team and its German coach Thomas Tuchel, with the team’s desire to bring him back as soon as possible.

The German newspaper confirmed that Gamal Musiala’s absence from the ranks of Bayern Munich will not be less than three weeks or more. This is something that makes German coach Thomas Tuchel confused because of his desire to correct many details in the strength of the team that relies on the young player in its ranks.

Bayern Munich considers that the period of absence will be somewhat acceptable, with the international break overlapping the duration of the injury itself. Which means that the one who will lose Gamal Musiala the most will be the German national team and its current coach, Julian Nagelsmann, who relies on the player as a very strong offensive card in all aspects.

Jamal Musiala is currently considered one of the best German players of Bayern Munich. He is the player who was nominated to win the Copa Award for the best young player in the world, but the German player did not win it during his emergence years, as Pedri Gonzalez won it two years ago, and after him was his colleague Javi. In Barcelona, ​​then the newest and final version was crowned by English international star Jude Bellingham.

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