Rodrigo responds to the Barcelona legend

Rodrigo responds to the Barcelona legend

The young Brazilian star Rodrigo Goias, the Spanish Real Madrid player, spoke about the statements of the Spanish international player Carlos Puyol regarding his Brazilian friend in the ranks of the Real Madrid club, Vinicius Junior, which Carlos Puyol said about the level and behavior of the Brazilian star.

Carlos Puyol said that Vinicius has a great personality on the field, and he believes that he is one of the best players in the world at the present time. He also believes that he is trying to provoke his opponents and that he must calm down a lot if he wants to gain the respect of every football viewer.

Carlos Puyol continued his statements, in which he said that Brazilian star Vinicius Junior needs to modify his behavior on the field, and that the Spanish star may even want to provide advice to the young Brazilian star in this regard.

But Vinicius’ Brazilian colleague, Rodrigo Goyas, confirmed that Carlos Puyol has all respect and his statements are not bad, but he believes that this matter holds the Brazilian star responsible for the government’s decisions, which are always unfair to him, and the big stars must appreciate what Vinicius is doing in order to help him face the campaigns. The massive racism he has been exposed to in various Spanish stadiums in recent years, which comes after he has become fed up with his desire to regain his rights from the fans and players who constantly assault him during official Spanish football competitions.

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