The result of the Spain-Georgia match, Kora Live, today 08-09-2023 in the European Nations Qualifiers

The result of the Spain-Georgia match, Kora Live, today 08-09-2023 in the European Nations Qualifiers

Our website, Koura Live, offers a special and distinguished follow-up to its followers in all Arab countries, as we present to you a direct broadcast of the confrontation that brings together the Spain national team against its counterpart, the Georgian national team, this evening, Friday, September 8, 2023, on the grounds of Boris Baychads Stadium, within the matches of the fifth round of the qualifiers for the Euro Championship. Germany 2024.

Live football match Spain and Georgia

The Spanish national team was not successful in the bad start it made in the Euro 2024 qualifiers; The Spanish national team stumbled in the second round against Scotland in the Scottish lands with a clean double defeat, and thus the Spanish national team became fourth in the ranking of the first group, which consisted of: Cyprus, Norway, Scotland and of course Georgia, the Spanish national team that managed to achieve great successes in the recent period at the expense of The Croatian national team is in the final of the European Nations League. Here it is now able to achieve results that are not worthy of the European Championship holders twice in a row: the first in 2008 and the second in 2012. Spain, under the technical leadership of coach De Lafuente, will have to try to win the major confrontation in The Georgian lands, which may be characterized by clubs and high competitiveness, and it is the most embarrassing team for the Georgians in the five historically direct confrontations between them; As the Georgian national team only managed to achieve a single victory at the expense of Spain, and the Spanish national team won four confrontations between the two teams. Europe in recent years outperforming Germany, Italy, as well as the England national team.

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Willy Sagnol wants; The coach of the Georgia national football team, that the star of the Italian club Napoli, Khvishta Kvartistiklia, presents the same thing he does with his club in the Georgian national team. Georgia occupies second place in Group A after achieving a single victory, drawing once and losing in another. Georgia is the team that managed to win Achieving his only victory at the expense of the Spain national team in 2016, in return, he lost in the following and previous confrontations from Spain; Currently, Georgia knows that qualifying for the Euro Championship in 2024 will be a bet written for this generation of players who placed Georgia among the top continent of Europe, but the first group in which the Scottish, Spanish, Norwegian and also Cyprus teams are present is not an easy group at all for Georgia, which will be confirmed in a comprehensive manner. It is official on the eighth of September, which falls on Friday, when the Burish Bashahadzi stadium in Georgian territory is the stadium for the important matches of the Georgian national team, and it is the main stage for the Georgia-Spain match at seven in the evening Mecca and Cairo time, in the fifth round of the Euro 2024 qualifiers. .

The date of the Spain-Georgia match, and the carrier channels

The Georgian national team, led by Kvaratskhelia, the Napoli player, will meet Spain in the fifth round of the qualifiers for the European Championship 2024 in Germany, and the match will start at exactly seven o’clock in the evening in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, at four GMT, to be transmitted on the screen of the BN Sport channels, specifically the channel BN Sport is the first to comment by Hafeez Darraji, and we are pleased to offer you the live broadcast service via our website, Koura Live.

The result of the match between Spain and Georgia

The match ended with Spain winning 7-1

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